Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 23 “Remedial Archaeology” Recap & Review

Remedial Archaeology

In the finale of Krapopolis Season 1, things take a sci-fi turn as Ty is connected to an archaeologist from the present. Ty is communicating with her using a shell but doesn’t realize what’s happening.

The archaeologist is stuck in a dark cave. No one knows she has fallen inside, forcing her to ask Ty for help. The two connect with each other, talking about various things including Krapopolis’ place in the present. The duo agree on a plan for her to make Krapopolis relevant in the present, which would also save her life as the tunnel would lead her out of the cave.

She starts to tell Ty how to change things. And in the present, it starts to change the things around her. She also notices a carving on a stone that depicts Stu killing Ty and Hippo watching the act. This freaks out the king who instantly starts taking measures to ensure Stu cannot kill him, like burning all the wagon wheels in the city. In the same breath, Ty asks Hippo to start digging a tunnel that will eventually save both the archaeologist and the city from being forgotten in the present. 

However, she also points out that digging the tunnel would mean that she eventually gets out. This would imply that she will never find the shell, meaning that she will not remember anything of the conversation. Ty grows more concerned as Alice is running out of time. Stu and Hippo notice his disconcertment and confront him about it. Stu admits that the carvings Alice found are random drawings she makes that are entertainment for her.

Delriai and Shlub are having a rare fight. The former won’t take Deliria to a monster wedding he is attending, provoking her ire. After seeing how much it is affecting her, Shlub agrees to take her along. The meeting is awkward as Deliria tries to be extra nice and accommodating. Her lack of nuance and comfort is apparent in the interactions and inadvertently disturbs the peace among the monsters. They are not suspecting at the beginning but it gradually changes as the night goes on. 

The situation gets woefully strange as one of the monsters attacks Deliria and she ends up killing them all. Shlub is wholeheartedly disappointed and begrudgingly leaves the scene. To win over Shlub, Deliria pieces back the monsters with different body parts, thus creating new “Frankensteins” for the earth.

Ty spends some time in jail before that happens, but at least this ensures his sanity. The tunnel is finally completed and we see Alice is alive. Not only has she got out of the tunnel, but she has also discovered rich remnants of Kraopolis. When she uses the term “arky-barky” as Ty used to refer to archaeology, it is indicated that all might not have been forgotten yet. Is there a chance for the two timelines to intersect? 

The Episode Review

The show’s most innovative and creative episode is its finale – an ironic conclusion that mimics the show’s season so far. This is the kind of crazy content we expected from Dan Harmon and the writer’s team but they could never touch their true potential before this.

Everything about “Remedial Archaeology” is spot on, right from the setting, to the structure and the insights. They should certainly build upon the potential offshoots of this subplot to make it a larger, continuous narrative for Season 2.

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