Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 22 “The Tyrannis Crown Affair” Recap & Review

The Tyrannis Crown Affair

In Episode 22 of Krapopolis Season 1, the city finds itself ravaged by a serial thief. This expert professional is hitting all the affluent folk of Krapopolis, who have banded together and sought help from their king. Stu is training hard to help Ty protect the precious artefacts of the rich. To help her, Ty creates a force called the “police,” who will ensure that the law isn’t broken.

When the thief steals Ty’s crown, Stu decides to take matters into her own hands and catch the thief. However, Shlub points out that Stu is fantasising about pairing up with a worthy adversary, i.e., the thief. It is fitting that she engages her “spidey sense” to track him down and intentionally lets him go. This happens twice and in the final meeting between the two, the thief confesses that he has feelings for her. He wants to run away with Stu and leave their lives behind. Even though she maintains that she wants to kill him, Stu also feels the same way.

The villagers see these inappropriate exchanges between the two, forcing Stu to act rashly. She asks him to meet her in secret but before that can happen, the police catch him. It is odd since he has easily escaped their attention. Ty announces that the thief is sentenced to die soon. Stu confronts the thief about his carlessness but he isn’t too bothered. He gives her a choice: either help him or watch him die. She decides to free the thief and they share a passionate kiss before he wanders off into the sunset. 

Meanwhile, Deliria gets invited by Hermes to his Monster Dome. She had been a part of the enterprise earlier but after a fallout, they have gone their separate ways. Hippo is cross with the idea of pitting these monsters against each other for entertainment. He wants to stop the practice and Deliria wants to take revenge, leading the duo to join hands on this one. The plan is for Deliria to distract Hermes as Hippo uses a secret tunnel to free the monsters without alerting anyone. 

Hippo is thrown into the battleground to fight a mighty monster since no other prisoners are left. He tries to steer away from it but is forced into blowing the mobster up when it doesn’t listen to him. Deliria gets her revenge on Hermes by thrashing him left and right. In the final scene, we see that the monsters let go by Hippo have wreaked havoc on a neighbouring town. 

The Episode Review

The thief storyline felt a fitting send-off for Stu’s character. She has hardly had a look in when it comes to romantic partners and their little romance had a lot of chemistry. Other than that, the episode doesn’t have too much legs. The conclusion is very lethargic and the jokes do not land well. Shlub is grossly underused in this episode. It’s clear when that is the case, Krapopolis suffers. 

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