Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 1 “All Hail the Goddess of Likability!” Recap & Review

All Hail the Goddess of Likability!

King Tyrannis is establishing his city, Krapopolis, along the lines of a new order of thinking. Tyrannis wants to set an example for those who follow him by upholding modern values of civilization. He wants to leave behind the crude ideals of barbery and savagery. His elder sister, Stupendous, is almost twice his size. She does not believe in Tryannis’ vision and wants brute strength to reign supreme.

In episode 1 of Krapopolis, we see the brother-sister duo deal with an immediate threat. The city has been established just a day’s walk from a horde of cannibals, Killassians. And now, the noisy neighbours want to kill them.

Tyrannis is the son of Goddess Diliria, who flies in with her husband, Shlub, to the city. What we perceive as able leadership from Tyrannis is viewed differently by his sister and scientist extraordinaire Hippocampus, his brother. She convinces him to use his new invention, “the bomb,” to murder the Killassians before they do the same to them. Tyrannis’ court also seems to think the same.

The people claim that they felt safer in the wilderness than in the confines of a city. Tyrannis puts all the clamouring to rest as he encourages them to “become lazy and fat” to fight back. Meanwhile, Deliria is upset that the city does not have a temple to worship her. She makes an appearance in open court, which naturally turns into Tryannis’ roast. And then an insulting to and fro between the son and the mother. The people side with the goddess, making the king quite angry.

He is given sage advice by his father, who tells him to “deal his way out” with Deliria. She is busy getting her temple constructed when Tyrannis shows up. He offers her a mutually beneficial deal: Deliria gives the city protection and in return, they build a temple to celebrate her.

Meanwhile, Hippocampus and Stupendous take the bomb disguised in a huge wooden horse, resembling the “Trojan Horse” from the film Troy. Before they can leave it there and arouse suspicion, Asskill approaches them at the front gate with guards. They try to convince him to light the horse, which would trigger an explosion and kill all of them. But Asskill does not take the bait.

Hippocampus deceives him by explaining how lighting a fire is good in their culture. Asskill declares peace on Krapopolis and to celebrate, decides to organize a feast with the burning horse in the middle. Asskill’s complete change moves Hippocampus and Stupendous. They get teary and confess the truth about the bomb. This leads to a strangely hilarious and awkward scene where Asskill orders his men to seize and kill the two Krapopolians. The pair show a similar state of regret and reluctance to fight their way through the men and escape.

Deliria’s temple is now fully erected and as soon as the last stone is laid, God Hermes shows up. They chit-chat about how the “real gods” in Olympus are missing Deliria’s presence. But the most important takeaway is that Killasses is preparing an invasion into Krapopolis. They worship Athena, who is willing to make a deal with Deliria to get her back on Olympus if Deliria keeps her hands off and lets the invasion happen. Deliria has no hesitation in accepting the offer and Hermes takes off.

The humungous Kilassian armies march to the front gate of Krapopolis. Tyrannis and Killass come face to face. The former tries to talk his way out of the situation and proposes an alliance. Killass seems receptive to the idea, only to be intervened by Athena. She urges him to fight on her behalf. Deliria shows up and the two start mocking each other as Killass instructs his armies to attack!

It is utter chaos as Kilassians easily overpower the people of Krapopolis. Athena and Deliria randomly turn soldiers on either side into snakes to mock each other. Hippocampus emerges from the gates with a cool-ass kill machine and lays it on the army. Athena and Deliria’s fight takes centerstage as everyone around them stops. Athena changes Tyrannis into a snake before Shlub flies in with the wooden horse and a huge explosion disorients Athena.

All soldiers – on both sides – hail Deliria and the day is saved. Deliria stays in the city, for now, as she turns all the snakes back into men sitting in her temple.

The Episode Review

The season opener for Krapopolis struggles to present a clear picture of what the show will really be about. It is funny in parts but disappointingly derivative for long stretches. The writing is confused and unremarkable with moments of inspiration that do not last for long. I didn’t care much for the voice cast or the animation, both of which do not look like being central points of focus for the creators.

It is only episode 1 and perhaps the show will grow on us like other Dan Harmon creations. Time is something that must be afforded to someone with his rare pedigree and penchant for animated sitcoms. I just feel that it is becoming a trend to stuff adult shows like Krapopolis with visceral and profane nonsense just for the sake of it.

While I can appreciate the premise under which the upcoming episodes will function, I cannot see the story going a long way.


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