Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Re-education for This Bright Little Girl

Episode 3 of Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World Season 3 starts with Kazuma sharing an embarrassing tale about Darkness with Princess Iris. Iris’s guard, Claire, overhears Kazuma’s tale and confronts him. She’s frustrated that Kazuma didn’t refer to Iris as Princess Iris. Moreover, Claire confronts Kazuma about his current antics and asks him to stop. 

Although Kazuma says he’ll comply, he shares more bizarre tales with Iris. Then, we enter a scene set seconds after Iris, Kazuma, and Iris’s companions arrive at Iris’s castle. Rain, one of Iris’s guards, shows Kazuma around the place. Kazuma confronts Rain about his situation and questions if he’s been kidnapped. Rain argues against this notion. She argues Iris invited Kazuma and didn’t kidnap him. 

Rain’s more concerned with Iris because she’s acting less obedient than normal. Ultimately, Rain wants Kazuma to humor Iris. Iris tells Rain to tell Kazuma something. Essentially, Iris wants Kazuma to keep her company here for a few days. Kazuma complies and asks Rain to inform Megumin, Darkness, and Aqua about his predicament. 

We return to the present. Kazuma informs Iris about a cultural festival and suggests she open a school. Then, a Devil King Army alert echoes throughout the castle. Claire checks it out. Kazuma realizes the Devil King’s rule affects multiple kingdoms. Later, the alert goes off again, informing everyone that the army’s been suppressed by the adventurers who responded to the alert. 

Simultaneously, Iris thanks Kazuma for sharing his tales with him. She says he can ask Rain to teleport him back to Axel tomorrow. Also, Iris informs Kazuma that her castle isn’t a safe place. Iris tells Kazuma she’d like him to share more stories with her when he revisits this place. Additionally, Iris says Kazuma reminds her of her older brother, someone she didn’t get to spend much time with.

Iris’s comparison speech encourages Kazuma to stay at the castle. Then, we see Kazuma taking advantage of his royal lifestyle in the morning, referring to butlers by different names and ordering maids to fix his bedsheets. Next, Iris enters the room and notices Kazuma’s not wearing any pants. While the two head somewhere, Kazuma tries reasoning with Iris. He promises her he’s not a degenerate. 

Then, we receive a montage. Kazuma gets more acquainted with Iris, learning about her quirks as he tampers with her daily activities. After defeating Iris in chess, Kazuma hands Iris a bamboo copter to play with. He suggests he and Iris travel somewhere to play with the tool. Iris isn’t excited about the notion. She says if she were to leave the castle, she’d need royal guards to accompany her. 

Next, we see Kazuma awaken from his bed like the previous day. However, Kazuma says it’s been a week since he chose to stay with Iris at her castle. Surprisingly, Mary, the maid he forced to clean his sheets, doesn’t arrive. Then, Kazuma hears a knock on the door, believing it’s Mary. Before he tells Mary to perform a new duty, he stops when he realizes Darkness, Aqua, and Megumin are behind the door. 

Darkness forces Kazuma to tell her what he wants Mary to do. Then, Kazuma confronts Darkness. He’s frustrated that the three are here. Darkness tells Kazuma that she and others, Megumin especially, are worried about him. Ultimately, they want him to return to Axel. Then, Iris arrives, and Darkness pleads with her to tell Kazuma to leave. 

Iris says Darkness is right and this upsets Kazuma. However, Iris wants to hold a going-away banquet for Kazuma. Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness enjoy their time at the banquet, unlike Kazuma. Kazuma notices several men flirting with Darkness, including Lord Alderp. Alderp explains why he’s at the banquet to Kazuma and says his mansion hasn’t been repaired yet. 

Alderp says the only one fit to wed Darkness is a stellar prince named Jatice. Then, Kazuma chimes in, teasing Darkness about her and his flirtatious activities of the past. This entices Darkness to confront Kazuma in a comical yet agonizing fashion. Next, we cut away to Kazuma outside. He reflects on his recent actions. 

Iris arrives and Kazuma confronts her about things. After the two overhear some comical things inside Iris’s castle, Iris reflects on how quiet things will be when Kazuma leaves. Moreover, she tells Kazuma she’s never met someone like him. Although Kazuma isn’t happy with Iris listing all his weirdest traits, Iris says that’s what she likes about him.

Kazuma feels Iris will resort to her obedient ways when he leaves. Then, Iris opens up about her family’s magical skills and wonders if she could become a magic priest or user one day. Then, Iris rambles about a noble thief, giving Kazuma an idea. Kazuma and Iris re-enter the castle and confront Claire and Iris. 

Kazuma tells the two that he plans to catch the thief who is hassling nobles. Although some guests, including Darkness, question Kazuma’s ploy, Kazuma promises to bring this thief to justice. Moreover, he wants to stay and protect everyone from this potential evil. Darkness realizes Kazuma only wants to catch the thief so he can stay at the castle longer. 

Unfortunately for Darkness, Aqua, Megumin, and several nobles back Kazuma up. Moreover, Claire gives Kazuma the go-ahead to catch the thief. She says he’ll be stationed near several suspects’ locations. Claire argues this will help Kazuma catch the thief. Then, we see Kazuma and his friends standing in front of Alderp in the morning.

The episode closes with Kazuma stating how this isn’t what he had in mind. 

The Episode Review

Many wondered how things would go for Kazuma after Iris blatantly kidnapped him last week. Fortunately for Kazuma fans, he found a way to turn this strange predicament into a festive one, despite his fun being cut short due to his allies’ involvement. Nonetheless, fans will love receiving more details about Iris and her royal lifestyle. 

Although her background teeters toward the cliche spectrum of things, Kazuma adds some spice to Iris’s life. From their several crude discussions to the moment when they’re playing chess, fans will love seeing Kazuma act like an elder brother toward Iris. Although Kazuma and his friends will be handling the noble thief case from here on out, we’re optimistic Iris will pop up in the story again. 

Those two aside, fans will appreciate seeing former characters appear in the tale again. Most stories often treat one-off characters as one-offs, never to be seen again after their preferred arc wraps up. Seeing someone like Lord Alderp reappear in the narrative makes the world feel lively. Also, it gives fans hope that other characters from the past will reappear too. 

Overall, this was another funny and enjoyable episode of Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World. I’m excited to see how Kazuma and his friends plan to catch this noble thief. 

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