Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Blessings For this Selfish Bride!

Episode 10 of Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World Season 3 begins with several of Alderp’s men handing out fliers to citizens in Axel. Simultaneously, these men tell the masses about Alderp and Darkness’s upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Megumin scolds Kazuma for refusing to help Darkness. Megumin toys with Kazuma’s bubble wrap item out of spite. 

Later, Hagen arrives at Kazuma’s home. He gives Kazuma a letter from Darkness. However, Kazuma reads the letter and learns it’s a fabricated message from Megumin. Several days pass. Aqua performs several tricks on Darkness’s doorstep. Kazuma insists she stop but Aqua says she’s doing this to lure Darkness out of her home. Kazuma drags Aqua home and Aqua begs Darkness to return to their group while he’s doing that. 

More days pass. Megumin returns to Kazuma’s home. Kazuma scolds Megumin for annoying Darkness’s family with her methods. Kazuma reminds Megumin that he won’t help Darkness until she begs him. Megumin yells at Kazuma. She argues he’s not the man she loved or admired. Kazuma jokes about Megumin’s use of “love” and says that won’t entice him to help Darkness. 

Eventually, Darkness’s wedding day arrives. Kazuma continues working on his bubble wrap project. Simultaneously, Megumin urges him to crash Darkness and Alderp’s wedding. Megumin threatens to perform more explosion spells to annoy the Dustiness family. Kazuma insists Megumin refrain from doing so. Megumin scolds Kazuma again for not caring about Darkness.

Kazuma tells Megumin he cares about Darkness’s well-being and is concerned about what Alderp will do to her. He says he can’t do anything in this situation since the place is heavily guarded. He argues he doesn’t have connections to rely on since Darkness’s father is sick. Therefore, Kazuma is waiting for Darkness to cry for help. Megunin’s happy Kazuma’s at least thinking about Darkness. She says she’ll be leaving to think of a solution to save Darkness.

Megumin hopes Kazuma will do the same. Megumin departs and Vanir arrives seconds later. He offers Kazuma help and shows him a pendant. Vanir explains the pendant’s power to Kazuma but Kazuma refuses to purchase the item from him. Instead, Kazuma wants to know how Vanir plans to assist him. Vanir analyzes several of Kazuma’s products that he made for him and offers Kazuma money. 

Kazuma and Vanir negotiate a deal with the money and products. Then, Kazuma asks Vanir for intel about Darkness’s situation. Before Vanir explains, Aqua enters the room and decimates him with her powers, much to Kazuma’s annoyance. Vanir regenerates and scolds Aqua for her assault on him. Kazuma punishes Aqua and Vanir continues explaining how Darkness’s family became indebted to Alderp. 

Vanir says it happened when Kazuma and his friends brought the Mobile Fortress Destroyer down. He says the lords decimated their lands when the Destroyer arrived in the past. However, Vanir says the lords couldn’t perform their duties because Kazuma and his friends defeated the said Destroyer. Moreover, the Destroyer’s demise caused many other dilemmas. 

These dilemmas include ruined farmlands, citizens begging Alderp and the Dustiness family for aid, and building-oriented matters. Moreover, Vanir says  Kazuma and his friends tarnished many buildings during their fight with the Destroyer. Therefore, the Dustiness Family had to pay a boatload of money to repair the damages caused by the flood by Kazuma and his friends.

Also, Vanir reminds Kazuma that he only has to pay a small sum, unlike the Dustiness Family. Additionally, to make amends for the people’s farmlands that were lost, the Dustiness Family submitted to Alderp and begged him to loan them money. Vanir confirms that Alderp told the Dustiness Family he’d accept the deal. However, Alderp wants Darkness to marry him first. 

Vanir says if Kazuma uses the money Vanir’s offering him in exchange for the goods Vanir wants, he should have enough money to cover the remaining costs. Meanwhile, several maids prepare Darkness for her wedding with Alderp. Alderp arrives and demands Darkness’s guard to stand aside. The guard refuses to let Alderp enter the room. Alderp leaves but promises to make the guard’s life a nightmare once he weds Darkness. 

The guard enters Darkness’s room on her behalf. Darkness thanks the guard for his actions. The guard says he would’ve listened to Alderp if he was someone Darkness wanted to marry. The guard leaves and Darkness reflects on her time with Megumin, Aqua, and Kazuma. Hagen arrives and escorts Darkness to the wedding. During the wedding, the priest makes ill comments toward Alderp, angering him. 

Then, the priest turns out to be Aqua in disguise. Additionally, another gentleman grabs Darkness’s hand. This turns out to be Kazuma in disguise. After Kazuma’s monologues, the episode closes with him telling Darkness he’s taking him home. 

The Episode Review

This episode gave Kazuma nice character development, informed audiences of the root cause behind Darkness and Alderp’s wedding, and contained touching moments involving all four protagonists. From Megumin’s charming discussions with Kazuma to Kazuma crashing the wedding with Aqua, fans will be satisfied with the episode’s outcome. 

At the same time, this episode has unnecessary material and questionable moments. For instance, Vanir’s banter with Kazuma and Aqua while funny dragged on a lot longer than it should have. It’d have been better to exclude the Aqua extermination gag and Vanir scolding scenes entirely. This could’ve allowed the showrunners to include a scene or two showing how Aqua and Kazuma infiltrated the wedding before this episode’s conclusion. It would have also made those situations feel more genuine and less questionable.

Those issues aside, Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World continues tackling concepts like friendship in meaningful and heartfelt ways. Having Megumin instill Kazuma with confidence before his encounter with Vanir makes sense. It also builds upon the notion of the two becoming a couple by the series’s conclusion, something the show’s been alluding to for a while.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter of the anime. While it has unnecessary fluff, it offers genuine material to warm any fan’s heart. 

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