Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Outlaws of the Town for Beginners

Episode 10 of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World begins with Megumin, Yunyun, and Chomusuke looking for party members at the adventurer’s guild. A receptionist notices Megumin and Yunyun arrive early and approaches them. Megumin and Yunyun follow her to the reception desk so she can explain how they can use their adventurer cards. However, Megumin wants to hear her out later because she wants to wait until more people are around.

Later, Megumin approaches the receptionist, and she’s bewildered by Megumin’s incredible stats and power. Everyone in the guild looks at Megumin, and she’s happy people aren’t looking down upon her. The woman says her powers aren’t as great as someone else’s but confirms Megumn can accept work now. Megumin questions the receptionist about the girl, and she says the girl is an archpriest with low intelligence but high magical stats.

After speaking with the receptionist, Megumin looks for party members. She tries partying with two warriors named Ryze and Laina and tackling a chestnut rat mission as a trial to see if she’ll fit in with their group. The quest doesn’t go well, resulting in Ryze and Laina not wanting to be at Megumin’s party. After wandering the streets, Megumin overhears a man and a boy and girl yelling at their boss. The two people get fired while Megumin plans to have Yunyun treat her to dinner.

While looking for a new quest to tackle in the morning, Megumin spots Yunyun’s party recruitment poster on the bulletin board. Megumin looks at Yunyun playing chess by herself and feels terrible that no one’s accepting Yunyun’s party invitation. She glances at a rescue quest for a “blonde-haired girl” and likes the reward money. She plans to tackle it when she starts running low on money. However, she notices one looking for a spell caster and meets up with the group who posted it on the board. Before she can hear them out, they all notice a woman and her friend covered in slime prattling on about slaying demons.

Megumin’s group’s a little worried about fighting monsters, but one of them says they shouldn’t need to worry since they have Megumin with them. Megumin defeats the slime demon with explosion magic as promised. Her new group rewards her with a meal at an eatery. Megumin comes clean and says she only knows how to use explosion magic once a day. The group says they’re willing to help Megumin level up so she can learn some intermediate magic. However, Megumin says she has no intention to learn spells that won’t maximize the potency of her explosion magic. The group tells Megumin she’ll need to find another party.

Megumin wanders the streets again and overhears a crowd excited about a woman’s banana trick. The boy working alongside her is thrilled by the money they’ll make from his partner’s stunt. The girl says she made them disappear and can’t get them back, so their boss fires them. Megumin returns to her room and Yunyun offers her some bananas. Megumin and Yunyun discuss how their party recruitment has been going. Yunyun says she found someone who is older than her but says he was a kind fellow.

A week flies by. Megumin says she’s been completing quests with different parties, but none of the groups want her because they believe she’s little use to them. A man arrives with a wheelbarrow to pick up Megumin. The man suggests Megumin use her magic elsewhere, but Megumin explains it’ll leave her helpless. He recalls a shopkeeper in town having a similar power, reminding Megumin of the one who inspired her to pursue this type of magic. Before Megumin plans to see her, she wants to sort herself out as a proper adventurer in Axel.

Megumin returns to the Adventurer’s Guild, and everyone rushes to the bulletin board to remove their posts. Megumin demands a woman to hand over her post. It turns out she’s looking for spell casters with no magic specifications. The woman says the position’s fulfilled, but Megumin can tell she’s lying. The receptionist yells at Megumin for starting a commotion in the guild. Megumin notices Yunyun speaking with the man she told her about in the stables. The man asks Yunyun to date him for an hour and gets Yunyun to accept his offer. However, Megumin stops it and questions Yunyun if she’s accepted other weird requests.

Yunyun shares multiple stories with Megumin, who felt it was a bad idea to leave Yunyun alone. Megumin asks Yunyun to form a temporary party with her until they can find groups. Yunyun’s upset that Megumin doesn’t recall Yunyun’s statement from the coach ride to Axel. Megumin doesn’t think it’d be a big deal to form a temporary party because they can work together to make money to afford to lodge. The episode closes with Yunyun and Megumin asking the receptionist for work.

The Episode Review

It appears people’s theories were correct in the previous episode concerning the strange portal that was summoned during Megumin’s battle with Arnes. Many viewers will be pleased to hear Kazuma and Aqua’s characters again after so long. While their banter was short, it was enjoyable to listen to in the background. It’s going to be a great feeling getting to see them interact with Megumin in this anime.

On that note, Darkness also makes an appearance in the chapter, which is quite surprising but splendid to see. Besides the cameos, it was compelling to see the different groups give Megumin a shot at joining their parties. While it didn’t work out for her in the end, it was nice knowing they didn’t outright reject her admission to their group and that she put in the effort to win them over.

It was a nice change of pace compared to Megumin’s lacklustre aid in the prior chapter. Other than that, this episode felt all over the place and had moments where the dialogue was tough to follow. While this story isn’t on par with the tale told in the mainline series, this episode sets up possible substantial moments to come from Megumin meeting Kazuma and the woman who inspired her.

Hopefully, those moments will live up to expectations and save the series from feeling like a boring watch to viewers. Overall, this was a fine chapter with decent humor and nice cameos from beloved characters. We’ll have to wait and see if this season can conclude on a memorable note.

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