Komi Can’t Communicate – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

It’s Just A Joke. Plus More.

Episode 6 of Komi Can’t Communicate begins as Komi tries to improve her communication techniques by writing down jokes for Tadano to read. Unfortunately, they’re all outdated dad jokes that don’t earn her any laughs.

Najimi invites Tadano, Komi, and Himiko to go out and buy clothes after school. Yamai spies on their conversation and pretends to bump into them at the mall, asking Komi what type of clothes she likes. Komi, whose mother buys all her clothes, doesn’t know.

Najimi uses this as an opportunity to start a game. Each person must choose an outfit, within a 10,000-yen limit, for Komi to try. Whichever outfit gets the highest score from the group wins. Tadano isn’t confident in his pick of a simple white dress, but everyone loves it. Komi buys it after it gets full scores across the board.

Later, Komi decides to get a haircut at her usual salon where newbie assistant, Arai Kamiko, is determined to do a good job. Kamiko welcomes Komi in, but Komi is too nervous to reply or enter the salon until veteran hairdresser, Caris Maki, recognizes Komi and invites her in.

Maki deduces that Komi wants her usual haircut without having to ask. As she gets to work, Kamiko notices that Komi has fallen asleep. Maki reveals that Komi pretends to sleep so that she doesn’t have to talk. Komi, while embarrassed, doesn’t give up the act.

Kamiko takes over for the shampoo process and tries to start a conversation with Komi. Komi points to words on magazines to answer, making Kamiko worry about her customer service skills.

While paying, Komi uses a magazine to thank Kamiko. After she leaves, Kamiko worries that Komi dislikes her, but Maki explains that salons can feel intimidating.

Tadano is the only one who notices Komi’s trimmed hair the next day. That night, Komi lies awake in bed and overthinks all her interactions with people until she thinks of Tadano and finally falls asleep.

Exam season rolls around at school. Najimi suggests a group library session with Komi and Tadano, though Tadano suspects they have no intention of actually studying.

The library is overlooked by senior student, Gorimi, who whacks anyone being too loud with a giant paper fan. Three whacks and you have to leave. Najimi almost immediately gets their first whack.

Komi and Tadano settle into studying. Najimi gives up quickly, finding a book to read instead. They can’t control their laughter and Gorimi whacks them again. This doesn’t deter them, and they pull out a Jenga set. Komi joins the game without hesitation, but Tadano is wary of Gorimi’s hawk-like gaze.

He doesn’t want to let Komi down and prods a block when Najimi accidentally topples the tower. Gorimi gives each of them a whack and carries Najimi away. Komi is glad to have had the experience of getting in trouble.

Exams come and go. All Komi’s marks are in the 90 range and Najimi does well despite their aversion to studying. Tadano’s marks line up exactly with the class average.

And, just like that, it’s time for summer vacation. Komi and Tadano both finish their summer homework early and each wants to invite the other to hang out. After much hesitation, Komi is the first to call but Tadano is so startled that he doesn’t pick up. Eventually, Najimi invites them both to the pool and the problem is solved.

The Episode Review

Komi and Tadano’s burgeoning romance is single-handedly keeping this show afloat. Sequences dedicated to them are charming in an understated way and give viewers some quiet respite in a sea of very loud characters.

Tadano remains a secure presence, making Komi feel comfortable on a level that her other new friends don’t. While they still push Komi into situations where she isn’t at ease for their own personal gain, Tadano is prepared to take his cues from Komi in all their interactions. Their relationship can be summed up by Komi being able to calm her anxious spiraling enough to fall asleep by thinking of him – an adorable moment.

At this, the halfway point, it’s hard to care about any of the secondary characters. This can be pinned on the extreme lack of growth. None of them get any development after their introductory episodes and they seem to exist just to act out their usual shticks over and over again.

So that cute romance? You’ll have to work for it each episode.

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