Kokdu: Season of Deity – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Ring

Kokdu: Season of Deity episode 3 begins when Kokdu remembers Seol Hui’s name because of the ring. In his desperation, he asks Doctor Han if she is the woman from his past, but the doctor is confused and thinks he is playing games with him. And it gets even more confusing to the doctor when Kokdu tries to kiss her, and she rejects him.

Kokdu tells Okshin and Gakshin that the woman he loves did really forget about him. They are surprised that Doctor Han is Seol Hui. Okshin tells Kokdu that he needs to kiss Seol Hui so that she can remember her past life. Gakshin is furious and tells Kokdu to take revenge on Doctor Han by making Doctor Han fall in love with Kokdu.

Okshin tells Gakshin that dating Kokdu isn’t an easy task and that there is a high chance that Doctor Han will dump Kokdu after dating him for even less than a week. So Kokdu plans to use Shin’s money to make Doctor Han fall for him.

Doctor Han is in desperate need of a job and she calls her friend who tells her that Yi Deun is looking for a doctor. Han Gye Jeol remembers that Yi Deun used her to date her best friend Jung Won. Doctor Han realizes that she had feelings for professor Jin because she had wanted to get a destined love. At home, she looks for a job and sees an ad. Her brother takes her to check out the house.

Doctor Han goes to the interview at the hospital and is surprised to see Kokdu as the boss there. Kokdu tries to convince her that she will get the house of her dreams and all she has to do is sign the contract. Desperate, the doctor signs, only for Kokdu to show her a clause that says that she will have to date him for ninety days. Doctor Han is furious because the penalties for the breach of contract are unreasonable.

Doctor Han goes to the bank to ask for a loan and gets rejected. She wishes for money and money falls and Kokdu appears. Kokdu tells her that the money is his apology. She asks him why he wants to date her and Kokdu tells her that he wants to regain his memories through the dates. He says it’s a win-win for both of them. However, the doctor remembers that Yi Deun had told her to enjoy the date and she is furious and even wishes that Kokdu’s bones be broken before she leaves. Kokdu tries to stop her and realizes that he is hurt.

Gakshin treats Kokdu. Kokdu is confused as to why Doctor Han got mad at him even though he gave her the money she wished for, and Gakshin tells him to study what Doctor Han likes and he refuses. Okshin laughs at him and he tries to punish Okshin but fails.

Kokdu hears someone wishing to kill Kang Mo and he tries to teleport and fails. Kokdu goes to his car so he can go do his job. Gakshin tries to stop him, but he doesn’t listen to her.

At the hospital, the woman who wants Kang Mo dead believes that he killed the little girl, Yu Na but Kang Mo insists that the kid dies in the accident. He even throws cash at officer Han and claims it’s fare.

Kokdu reaches the hospital and goes to Kang Mo’s ward. Kang Mo thinks that Kokdu is a reporter. Kokdu tries to kill Kang Mo but he is too weak, so he uses the fridge to complete the job. Jung Won sees him when he walks out of the ward.

Outside, Kokdu is happily driving and crashes into officer Han’s car. Han Cheol tails Kokdu only to find the car with no one in it. Han cheol launches an investigation into the car, while Kokdu lies on the couch back home. Okshin complains about how important his car was to him but Kokdu shoos him away.

Doctor Han goes to see madam Myeong Ja who mistakes Kokdu and Doctor Han to be a couple. Myeong Ja tells Doctor Han that she needs to work if Doctor Han wants her to lend her money. Doctor Han gets to work and asks Kokdu why he followed her there, and he claims that he also came for the money, but Doctor Han can see through Kokdu’s lies.

As they leave the madam’s palace, Kokdu asks Doctor Han why she hates her so much and her explanations make no sense to him, even when she delves into her beliefs of destined love.

Doctor Han moves into her new house with the help of Kokdu and an old man appears who gets a heart attack when he sees Kokdu. The old man believes that Kokdu is a ghost. The old man turns out to be madam Myeong Ja.

Later, Kokdu finds himself in Doctor Han’s bed and sees the family photos. He remembers doctor  Han’s mother but he disappears when Doctor Han screams for help.

Kokdu tells Doctor Han that the madam will not give her a moment and asks her to accept his money. Doctor Han says she wants to live in Gyeongpo since it appears to be just another dream for her and that her reality is even more miserable. Doctor Han leaves but before she disappears, Kokdu sings her a song that her mother used to sing for her, catching her attention.

The Episode Review

The character development of Kokdu is appealing and heartwarming. He goes from a man who thinks he has everything under control, to a man desperate for help but doesn’t even know how to start asking for that help. He knows he has to be patient and when Doctor Han talks of leaving Gyeongpo, the disappointment and loneliness on his face are clear.

He wants her to stay and doesn’t know what to do, so he appeals to her emotions using her mother’s song.

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