Kokdu: Season of Deity – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Curse Of The Deity

Kokdu Season of Deity Episode 2 begins with Kokdu in the land of punishment where it does not rain and the wind bows for a while before disappearing. In that land, he is cursed to wait for a woman who will free him of his current situation, a woman to break the cycle.

The Kokdu tells the deity of his desire to meet Seol Hui even then and we’re shown a flashback of the Kokdu teaching Seol Hui how to use a sword and she hurts her head. Even then, Seol Hui doesn’t want to give up. At the end of the day, he walks her back home and asks her why she wasn’t to master the sword.

She tells him of her foster parents’ desire to marry her off to a rich family and she wants to learn so that she can protect herself. He tells her that with her current skills, she won’t be able to keep herself safe and suggests that she uses her hairpin to defend herself. He tests her by telling her to stab him, but Seol Hui is unable to, so he suggests that she hire a killer, but she is too broke for that. So Kokdu promises to protect her in this life and even the life after, and he puts a ring that looks like a flower on her finger.

Back to the present, Kokdu is still waiting for Seol Hui when it suddenly snows in the land of punishment. The deity shows up and tells Kokdu to take a break, but Kokdu refuses. He tries to explain to the deity that he is waiting for a woman, and the deity tells him to describe her, but he forgets Seol Hui.

The deity is not pleased with Kokdu’s response and in return, he tells Kokdu that he will repeat killings in his life because he refused to obey the deity. The deity adds that the only way for Kokdu to get eternal peace is if the woman he chooses loves him, and then the deity leaves.

At the police station, Doctor Han asks her brother, officer Han Cheol if there was anyone who went into professor Jin’s house and he denies it. At the same time, officer Han’s phone rings and someone tells him that they saw professor Jin. Han Cheol tells his sister that there is a chance that Jin Woo ran away because of the charges at the hospital.

At the lighthouse, Kokdu hears a woman, Eun Ji making a wish to have a rookie officer, Bong Pil, be killed when she finds out about the officer’s release. Bong Pil drugged her sometime back and took photos of her naked. She even tried to take her own life after that, but she failed because she didn’t have the guts to see it to the end. Kokdu receives Eun Ji’s wish, and it bombards him to the point that he asks Okshin about Bong Pil. Kokdu disappears when he gets the information he needs.

At Bong Pil’s house, Eun Ji’s mother is begging Bong Pil to delete the photos of her daughter but Bong Pil is demanding and tells the woman to drink wine with him. He drugs the wine. Kokdu shows up right on time when Bong Pil is looking for his camera, ready to repeat his offence and even get away with it.

Kokdu smashes the camera on the couch and Bong Pil is angry that he even tries to fight Kokdu who kills him.

Back at the lighthouse, Gakshin burns Jin Woo’s clothes and wishes that the professor’s soul goes to a better place. Kokdu comes back home and Gakshin offers him honey water which he rejects. Okshin laughs at Gakshin and tells her that she had been rejected for over five hundred years. Gakshin isn’t happy about it because she just wants to end the curse for her master. Okshin tells her that Kokdu will only find peace if he meets the woman meant for him. He tells Gakshin to look for the ring that Kokdu lost and when Gakshin is burning Jin Woo’s clothes, they find the ring.

At the hospital, Pil soo is told by Joong Sik about Jin Woo’s disappearance and Pil soo wants him to report that the professor killed himself. However, Joong sik tells him that it will not look good when Jin Woo comes back and denies it, but Pil Soo is convinced that the profession won’t survive the fall.

The next morning at the hospital, Doctor Han tries to treat her patient, but a doctor pushes her aside because he thinks that she is a traitor. Doctor Han also finds out that there is a notice about how she betrayed the hospital. In her fury, she pulls off the notice and sees Pil Soo passing by. She confronts him but she is unsuccessful in doing so. As if that wasn’t enough, Doctor Han is fired by the hospital.

Doctor Han tells Jung Won to tell her if she knows where Jin-woo is and Jung won refuses. Instead, she tells Doctor Han to take the blame but Doctor Han insists that she is a victim.

Han Cheol bumps into his sister and Jung Won fighting, he goes to help but he is knocked out and has a bleeding nose. He goes home and writes an article that claims Jin Woo had an affair and people who read the article wish that Jin Woo be killed.

Kokdu receives the wish and asks Okshin about Jin Woo. Okshin tells him that he is Jin Woo. Kokdu swears to kill the person who wrote the article because he can’t kill himself. Gakshin shows Doctor Han’s photo to Kokdu and Kokdu claims that he could have killed Doctor Han when he had been brought back to life if Okshin hadn’t stopped him. Okshin tells him that Doctor Han didn’t commit a sin and so can’t be killed.

Doctor Han goes to the park to look for Jin Woo and she sees Kokdu. She tries to go to him but she falls down the stairs. Kokdu comes to her and checks her out only to realize that she is not dead. Doctor Han asks Kokdu if he is okay and Kokdu pushes her away. Doctor Han rushes after him but Kokdu grabs her neck and decides to kill her and he fails. He then realizes that she is the woman he has been looking for in all these lifetimes.

Doctor Han gets a call from someone and Kokdu disappears in the rain. He is happy that he found the woman who will break his curse and he reveals as much to Gakshin, who brings him an umbrella.

Gakshin and Kokdu have a drink in the rain and she asks him why he is sure Doctor Han is the woman he is looking for, and he says that he had a softened heart when he tried to kill Doctor Han earlier. Kokdu leaves and Doctor Han tracks him down and they both realize that she can command him.

At the hospital disciplinary meeting for Doctor Han, Kokdu gets irrational with his words and puts Doctor Han even in more trouble. When they come from the disciplinary meeting, Doctor Han is disappointed and demands an apology. It is then that Kokdu realizes that Doctor Han could be the woman he was looking for.

The Episode Review

Seeing Kokdu realize that even with his powers there is just something that he can’t control was the highlight of the episode. Granted, he may have found the woman he was looking for a long time, but you can tell that a storm is waiting for him ahead.

A furious and disappointed Doctor Han will be hard to appease, and I look forward to seeing more of their interactions.

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