Kohrra – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Kohrra starts with Balbir having a weird hallucination where he mixes up the details of the ongoing case of Paul’s murder with the death of his wife. However, in reality, Balbir is in his car after being hit by a truck. Amarpal goes rogue trying to find his boss.

What does Inspector Amarpal do to find Inspector Singh?

Amarpal attacks Happy and asks if he was involved in Balbir’s kidnapping. Manna gives Amarpal a call and asks him to back off and keep his son out of this mess. He also nudges Amarpal in the direction of a certain real estate businessman, Karan Gill. Amarpal recalls seeing Karan’s car in Balbir’s house a few nights before and goes looking for him.

The cop attacks Shamsher Gill at their family office and learns that the Gill family had a henchman who specialised in kidnapping and would go to the extent of kidnapping a cop.

Amarpal learns about a man named Randeep Bawana and asks the cyber security team to look into the guy’s live location. He arrives at Randeep’s hideout and waits for police backup but goes inside single-handedly in order to look for Balbir.

Once inside, Amarpal goes on a killing rampage as he shoots everyone in sight. Balbir manages to stop and kill Randeep just in time before the latter could attack Amarpal. The two cops come out of Randeep’s hideout when Amarpal gets a call from SSP Sikka.

Sikka tells Amarpal that he needed to keep the Gill family’s involvement in Balbir’s kidnapping a secret. Amarpal is shocked at the order while Balbir talks to Mr Gill. Mr Gill claims that he had Balbir kidnapped because the inspector had attacked his grandson, Karan.

What does Balbir tell Steve about Paul’s death?

On their way back, Amarpal tells Balbir that his sister-in-law caused the LPG cylinder to burst at his engagement ceremony out of jealousy. Balbir asks Amarpal to drop him off at the Dhillon farmhouse where he meets Steve, Jassi and Clara. Balbir reveals that Liam’s death was a hit-and-run accident.

The cop tells Steve that Paul had performed fellatio on Liam before his death and the father loses his temper. He is furious and threatens to attack the cop for calling his son a “fag”. Balbir retorts that he’s just doing his job and reporting the forensic findings.

Clara intervenes and asks Steve to stop, pointing out that his arrogance is what caused their sons to die. She admits that she was aware of Paul being in love with Liam, and adds that it was Steve’s pride that forced his son to stay in the closet about his relationship.

Jassi and Clara console each other and talk about how they have both failed their sons. Steve talks to Balbir in private and asks him to keep the details of Paul’s sexuality a secret from the media.

What happens to Saakar, Sindha and Kulli?

Balbir tells Amarpal that Nimrat is doing better and adds that Raman is with her while she’s soon to be discharged. The next day, Amarpal lets Saakar go after his lawyers hand in documents for his bail. The cops let Saakar out but the rapper breaks down after finally being set free. At the same time, Sindha and Kulli watch him be released as they rot in the jail cell.

What happens to Nimrat?

Balbir goes to the hospital to bring Nimrat home while Raman and Golu are there too. Balbir asks Raman to take Golu home with him and claims that he will bring Nimrat too.

Just then, Karan shows up and Balbir hands his daughter over to him, claiming he needed to keep his promise about loving Nimrat for the rest of his life or bear the consequences. Nimrat is shocked at her father’s decision.

What does Veera tell Saakar?

After being released from police custody, Saakar meets Veera at the cafe and tells her that they could try and convince their parents to allow them to be married. Veera tells Saakar that breaking up with him was her decision because she wanted to start a new life for herself outside India.

Saakar is shattered and asks Veera to give him another chance because they love each other. Veera admits that she’s letting him go despite the fact that she loved him because she wants to move on to a better future. She adds that she’s getting married to someone else in two weeks. Veera asks Saakar to allow her to move on and not try and ruin her new life.

What does Clara tell Balbir?

Liam’s body is embalmed to be taken back to London. Clara signs the legal documents and gets inside the ambulance accompanying Liam’s body. She tells Balbir that she’s received a voicemail from Liam when she was on her flight to India which reveals the truth about Paul and Liam’s death.

Who killed Paul? What happened to Liam?

After learning about the voicemail from Clara, Balbir goes back to the crime scene to put two and two together. He figures out that it all started after Veera hooked up with Saakar one last time before the night of her wedding. Following that, Saakar goes to the bar where he attacks Paul, warning him off from marrying Veera.

However, after Liam smashes the beer bottle on his head, Saakar takes out a blade and attacks them, striking Paul on the arm. Saakar is kicked out of the bar but he leaves his blade behind that Liam picks up. Paul drops Liam off and meets Veera in his car.

There, Veera confesses the truth about her past relationship with Saakar but promises Paul that she’s moved on from him. She asks if Paul has any confessions of his own, but he avoids saying anything by making out with her. She performs fellatio on him as Saakar sobs in his car, parked a few feet away from Paul’s car.

Paul drops Veera home and calls Liam. The two go out to the fields where Paul admits that he can’t muster the courage to tell Veera the truth about his sexuality. He tells Liam that he loves him but can’t back out of the marriage. Paul admits he will always love Liam as they kiss.

Paul performs fellatio on Liam but the latter pushes him off. Liam is infuriated by Paul’s lack of courage and uses Sarkar’s blade to slit his throat. As Paul struggles, Liam walks away. However, he calls his mother confessing the truth to her via voicemail. Liam walks into the street that night, shocked by his actions, when Sindha’s truck smashes into him, killing the guy instantly.  

How does Kohrra end?

Kohrra ends with Amarpal finally getting married to Silky while Rajji sulks, heartbroken. Balbir attends Amarpal’s wedding, while Nimrat drives away with Karan. Veera gets ready for her upcoming wedding, at the same time as Saakar tries to come to terms with the fact that Veera has moved on.

Steve takes Paul’s wedding outfit in his hands and sobs over his son’s death. Indira opens the gate to her house when she sees Balbir waiting outside in his car as the show comes to an end.

The Episode Review

This episode delivers a showstopping finale that will likely leave you shocked. The show taps into the many facets of Indian society and presents them to the viewers in a really believable and well written manner.

The scene where Saakar was let go while Sindha and Kulli watch, shows the difference in social class for these three characters is so vast that only the richer of the three could taste freedom while the other two have to rot in prison.

Balbir’s personal life had been a mess but it looks like he was finally headed in the right direction. His story ended with him guilt-free as he waited outside Indira’s house, while she opened her gates for him, hinting at the fact that she will probably forgive him for what he’s done.

Amarpal’s relationship with his sister-in-law seems messed up but it stands true in many Indian households. Kohrra has done a great job at touching on various topics, sensitive to the Indian society and has attempted to present it in an unfiltered way to the best of its ability. 

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