Kohrra – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Kohrra starts with a flashback of Paul and Liam from when they were teenagers. Steve is furious about Paul not coming back home from Liam’s house and rushes to bring him back himself. Jassi accompanies the angry father as they arrive at Clara’s house. Clara asks Steve to calm down and listen to his teenage son but Steve is furious. He demands that Paul come out but is further enraged when he sees that the guy has cut off his hair.

Steve starts beating the boy up and calls him a woman, since the men from the Sikh Warrior community would take off their turban or cut off their hair. Clara threatens to call the cops on Steve to get him to stop, while Paul sobs in his mother’s arms. Liam watches the scene from his window.

Back to the present, Paul’s body is cremated as per the Sikh tradition, in the presence of the men of the family and their close male relatives. Jassi and Clara are back home where Jassi tries to reassure Clara about Liam’s return while Clara consoles Jassi for her loss.

Manna offers to drive Steve home from the crematorium but the latter believes it’s best if Manna didn’t go home with them. Steve claims that Jassi still thought he was involved in Paul’s death and the younger of the two brothers is hurt that his brother would think it was his fault.

At the same time, a couple of suspicious truck men, Sindha and Toti, try to rub off the bloodstains on their truck. Meanwhile, the cops look through Paul’s Instagram account to look for clues and learn that his expensive smartwatch, an item that he always wore, was not found on his dead body. Balbir wonders if the eyewitness took the watch from Paul’s body but Amarpal believes that he looks innocent.

Amarpal interrogates the beer shop owner who sold the boys alcohol on the night of Paul’s murder, and learn that the shopkeeper had introduced the boys to a drug dealer named Kulli. Balbir meets his superior in the hospital who tells him about the progress of the investigation.

His superior asks Balbir to take care of the situation since his wife was in the hospital and in critical condition. On his way out, Balbir spots Indira and offers to drop her home. On their drive, the duo chats about Balbir’s family. Indira learns that Balbir was a widower and invites him for snacks or dinner when he has the time. Balbir asks for a rain check and goes to meet the forensic doctor with Amarpal.

The cops learn that Paul’s throat had been slit with a sharp object. The doctor believes that Paul didn’t die from that but due to blunt force trauma on his head. He adds that Paul’s head had been hit multiple times with the weapon, possibly with it being a stone.

The doctor also reveals that his arm was slit and that fellatio had been performed on Paul before his death. He tells the cops that reporters had been hounding him for details about Paul’s autopsy but that he has kept them a secret from the reporters.

On their way back, the cop duo discuss the order of events leading up to Paul’s death but are not able to find a connection. At Amarpal’s house, he watches his sister-in-law Rajji go to bed with his brother and thinks about what he was doing with his life. He goes out into the fields and looks at the photographs of his potential bride.

The next day, a bus driver named Pramod Kumar arrives at Happy Dhillon’s car dealership shop. Happy is Manna’s son and Paul’s cousin. Pramod threatens to expose Happy if he doesn’t pay him as per their agreement. Meanwhile, female inspectors Satnam and Balbir interrogate Veera, asking about her sexual relationships with Saakar and Paul.

He tries to ask her about the fellatio while Satnam pretends to console Veera and takes her hair sample for DNA testing. Veera lies that she ended things with Saakar a month ago and asks to leave when the cops ask her personal questions. Amarpal and Balbir go looking for Pramod but he runs away after seeing the cops.

The cops run after him but learn that Pramod has already fled. Sub Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sikka calls Balbir asking him to prioritise Liam’s missing persons case over Paul’s murder since Liam is a foreign national who was still alive while Paul, the NRI, had already died.

Sikka asks Balbir to stop complicating things and to find Liam before the international media is involved. Amarpal gets a call about Paul’s smartwatch and learns that a man had taken it from a guy named Kulli – a drug peddler who worked as a pizza delivery boy. The cops find Kulli’s address and pay him a visit, but find that his apartment was empty.

The next day, Balbir overhears Nimrat talking to someone on the phone and gets suspicious. She asks her father to drop off her son, Golu at school. However, Balbir returns home after dropping Golu off and sees Nimrat dressed up as she was on her way to meet someone. He scolds and threatens her, accusing her of cheating on her husband.

Nimrat accuses Balbir of being an incompetent husband and father. She claims that he was not even competent at his job and was only a sub-inspector while his juniors were at higher posts than him.

That night, Amarpal visits Chaska Bar and threatens the manager into giving him the CCTV footage from the night of Paul’s murder. He takes away a bottle of alcohol from the bar and has a drink with Balbir. The cops talk about the case and Balbir advises Amarpal to take his chances and make progress in his career as Paul’s murder was his first big case.

The episode ends with Balbir getting a call from the forensic team where the doctor tells him that Veera’s DNA was found on Paul’s genitals, claiming that she had been the one to perform fellatio on him.

The Episode Review

These first two episodes were rather slow but it looks like the show is finally going to pick up pace in the episodes to come. We know that this is not just a murder mystery where the cops look out to find a possible culprit but Kohrra is a parody of the Indian society. 

The first scene highlights that to Steve, his pride is more important than his son’s happiness and I can’t help but wonder if he was the person who killed Paul because he found out something about him that he shouldn’t have. There is also the fact that there exists a property conflict between the Dhillon brothers which makes Manna and his son suspects.

Balbir’s superior just keeps prioritising his family and putting the case and all responsibility for it on his inferior police officer. Balbir is clearly the Inspector’s senior but still is in a lower position that the man. The tension between these characters is palpable and the makers have done a good job at pointing out how these detectives are more than just cops on a case and are people first.

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