Kohrra – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Episode 1 of Kohrra starts with a young couple discovering the dead body of a young man with his throat slit and his face heavily bruised. The forensic team is called in while the cops call the victim’s family.

The cops also find that the witness who alerted them about the dead body was a drug user, evidenced by a syringe at the scene of the crime. News reporters start reporting about the murder and make it breaking news as the cops investigate.

The police officers learn that the victim was an NRI from his id card in the car. They also learn that his car had been dashed into before he was pulled out and murdered. The victim’s family arrives at the site and identifies the dead body of their son, Paul. The cops visit Paul’s house and talk to Steve about the murder.

Paul’s mother, Jassi, is hysterical after the news and the cops search around Paul’s bedroom for clues. Inspector Amarpal Garundi finds Paul’s passport and snaps photos of it for their investigation. Inspector Balbir Singh learns that Paul was soon to be married and his best man and childhood friend, Liam Murphy, is missing.

Balbir tells Steve about the dent in Paul’s car and learns that the father and son duo had a strained relationship. Paul’s to-be bride, Veera Soni’s family is told about Paul’s murder too. Balbir interrogates Veera in private and learns that she had only met Paul two weeks ago as their marriage was arranged by their families.

Veera claims that she had seen Paul two days ago during their engagement. Balbir asks Veera about Liam and asks her to stay in touch if she remembers anything else about Paul’s last interaction with her. On their ride back, the cops deliberate about Veera’s involvement in Paul’s death.

At the police station, Amarpal is beating up a few young boys known to be abusing drugs. He accuses them of killing Paul and his friend, Liam. The boys claim to have no knowledge about the murder.

At the police station, Balbir’s son-in-law, Raman talks to him about his wife, Nimrat. He is upset that Nimrat has gone back to her father’s house with their son. He asks Balbir to convince his daughter to come back home.

That night, Balbir goes back home and overhears Nimrat talking to a divorce attorney. The lawyer claims that since she had no genuine reason to file for divorce, it would be difficult for her to separate from him. Balbir warns Nimrat against falsely accusing Raman just to get a divorce.

Amarpal is hooking up with his older brother’s wife – Rajji when he gets a call about the murder case. At the same time, Clara, Liam’s mother who had just arrived to attend the wedding learns that Paul was murdered and her son had been missing.

The next day, Balbir goes to his informant, Nopi’s house to offer monetary compensation to his widowed wife – Indira. He asks Indira to reach out to him if she needed help, Balbir then arrives at the police station where the reporters interrogate him about Paul’s death and Liam being missing. Balbir scolds the reporter for polluting the scene of the crime.

Balbir’s superior asks him to look for the foreigner since they were afraid that the foreign media would latch on to the case and make it into an international sensation. He asks Balbir and his team to act fast and find Liam. The cops put up missing posters and interrogate Veera’s college friends, asking them about her ex-boyfriend, Saakar.

They learn that Veera had to break up with Saakar after her family had arranged her marriage with Paul. They also learn that Saakar had not taken the news well and was sour about Veera ditching him. Balbir and Amarpal pay Saakar a visit and ask him about Veera.

They learn that Veera had met Saakar days before her engagement with Paul and that Saakar had changed his phone two days ago. Since Paul had also been murdered back then, Amarpal asks Saakar to bring his old phone to the police station as he was the prime suspect in the murder case. Saakar calls Veera and tells her that the cops are suspicious of him.

He tells Veera that he will tell the cops that they were hooking up on the night of Paul’s murder if she doesn’t handle the situation with the cops. The police officers check the CCTV footage from the day when Paul’s car was met with an accident and learn that the bus banged into Paul’s car on purpose.

They conclude that someone had been trying to get rid of Paul and wonder if Saakar was behind the accident and the murder. That evening, Steve goes to the site where Paul’s dead body was found and breaks down. However, a reporter finds him there and starts asking questions about the incident, infuriating the man.

Steve hits the reporter with a tire iron leaving him with a bleeding head. He threatens the cameraman with violence and destroys the camera with his car before leaving the site. Meanwhile, Balbir interrogates Manna, Steve’s younger brother to see if he had anything to do with Paul’s death.

Manna claims that Steve and he were in a legal property dispute but that he would never hurt his nephew. Manna reveals that their father had divided the family property between the two brothers leaving their deceased sister out. He believes their sister deserved her share in the property and that it was to be divided into three parts.

Manna claims that since he was left to take care of their sister before her passing while Steve was abroad, he should be the one to receive her share as well as his own. At the police station, the reporter tries to file a complaint against Steve for assault but Balbir believes it’s their fault for hounding a grieving father.

Later that night, the police get a call from a gas station worker who tells them that he saw Paul and Liam on the night of his murder. The man retorts that both boys were drunk as Paul drove. He also says that Paul had asked for shops that would sell him alcohol at 1am, and he directed them to one open that late at night.

The episode ends with a flashback from the day of Paul and Veera’s engagement where Manna and his son were also present.

The Episode Review

The show looks like a murder investigation in the beginning but there are a lot of different layers to it. From familial relationships to systematic hierarchy, caste segregation, politics, power play and so many more topics are touched upon and I think this one is going to turn out great. 

From the get-go, we see that Balbir is a burnt-out cop who is trying to find answers to the case at hand. However, the familial dispute in the Manna family will definitely complicate things for him. It is also possible that Paul’s death had nothing to do with his uncle.

Amarpal Garundi’s family tree seems messed up and it is a common joke that Indian men swoon over their sisters-in-law but to see that a cop was actually hooking up with his brother’s wife while the man of the house is away was audacious. This episode sets the tone right for the mess that is about to unfold!


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