Koala Man – Season 1 Episode 7 “Emu War II” Recap & Review

Emu War II

In Koala Man Season 1 Episode 7, someone is making eggs. Their hands reach for the egg carton, where they take hold of a unique and giant egg and crack it into the pan.

At the Williams’ house, Liam dreams about Dapto soldiers being attacked. Sure enough, soldiers are discovered dead at Fort Dapto the next morning. And Maxwell knows who killed them.

He recognizes marks of The Great Emu War he once fought in. Emus once bred out of control in Australia, causing a war between humans and emus. They have had an uneasy peace since that war, but Maxwell believes the war was never truly over for the emus.

Koala Man announces to the town that they need to prepare for another Emu War. Liam had a vision that they would attack at dawn. Soon enough, emus fly into the town on helicopters. 

The emus want Dapto to pay for its sins. General Peckmeister announces that a vile human has cracked the royal emu egg. They’re going to execute a Daptonian every hour until they give up the egg assassin.

The Williams hide in the Dapto High School with a few others, including Rosie and Big Greg. When Principal Baswell tries to convince the guilty party to confess, Vicky slips into the canteen to look in the trash.

Kevin follows her, and she tells him she came to destroy the evidence. She says the children were so hungry, so she cooked the biggest egg they had. She had no idea it was the royal emu egg. Kevin says he must go to parlay with the emus, but he promises to fix everything.

Alison is excited to be the second most powerful girl in school, and she’s about to come for Rosie Yodels. At the high school, Rosie finally talks to Alison, telling her she’s tired of people’s obsession with being perfect and popular. She tells Alison the best way to be popular is to be herself. Alison doesn’t understand why Rosie is suddenly so nice to her and decides she still needs to stick to her plan of taking her out.

Liam becomes the prophet of their make-do safe house, but he can only communicate through song and keyboard. He tells everyone of his visions of emus. Dapto recognizes his ability to tell the future as an advantage against the emus. But when the power cuts out, Liam can no longer use his keyboard and starts speaking incomprehensible words.

They need someone to recover Dapto’s backup generator, which is dangerously located at the top of a tower. Rosie and Alison volunteer to retrieve it.

Rosie makes it to the top of the tower. Alison follows, planning to do something sinister to Rosie. But when Alison starts to fall, Rosie catches her and pulls her to safety. She says she learned not to take her friends for granted. For one, they all died. For another, they were never real with her–not like Alison. They hug, but an emu interrupts their touching moment.

An emu then jumps on Rosie. Alison thinks this is her moment to become the powerful girl in Dapto, but she takes the opportunity instead to save Rosie. Maxwell flies in to finish the emu off.

Rosie and Alison then flip on the generator together. Liam starts playing his keyboard again and tells everyone what he sees. He can barely handle the prophecies coming through him, but Big Greg insists he press on.

Koala Man approaches General Peckmesister. The emus seize him for information about the egg cracker and bring him to Emutopia, where he meets the Emu King. Koala Man apologizes on behalf of all humans, but he insists they have something in common. Both he and the Emu King are good blokes.

The king agrees to strike a deal and get along–until he hears the sound of LIam’s band getting closer. The Daptonians are riding in with weapons. They charge into Emutopia, which Liam found through his visions.

Emus and humans clash in a bloody battle. In the midst of it all, Vicky shouts for everyone to stop. She’s about to confess what she did, but at the last minute, Koala Man takes the blame. He claims he wanted the emus to destroy Dapto because the town never appreciated him.

The Daptonians seize Koala Man, and King Emu and Big Greg declare peace. They’re now united in hatred against Koala Man, and they all sentence him to exile.

Vicky asks that he stay in town as Kevin, but he can’t give up his superhero persona. Koala Man sets off on his own, not feeling too bad about his exile–until the Kookaburra knocks him out and brings him to Toothbrush Island.

The Kookaburra tells him he knows his identity. He’s his archnemesis, and he’s been after him for a long time. He sabotaged his bins, set the Tradies against him, got Chad to corrupt Liam, summoned The Great One, hired the gang of kangaroos, rigged the Handies’ torch to explode, and set Vicky up to crack the emu egg. He was also the one to run over Kevin’s beloved koala, Mindy.

Now that he’s set Koala Man up, he can become the town’s new hero. The Kookaburra leaves Kevin stranded on Toothbrush Island. Dapto will now be his.

The Episode Review

An exciting episode sets things up for a high-stakes season 1 finale. Everything the Kookaburra has done is revealed and comes to a head for the biggest threat to Dapto’s future yet. The town is in danger, yes. But as Koala Man has done his due diligence to help protect his town from petty crime, I think his motivation will be at an all-time high to save Dapto now that a supervillain has come into play.

Vicky and Alison have had great character arcs so far–but how will Kevin’s absence affect them? Will Liam survive his intense prophecies? And will the Kookaburra take Koala Man’s place in the Dapto residents’ hearts?

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