Koala Man – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Red Hot Rule” Recap & Review

The Red Hot Rule

In episode 3 of Koala Man Season 1, Maxwell remembers changing the world in Dapto, 1912, right after the sinking of the Titanic. It was then that his father informed him that Australia is 15 hours ahead of the U.S. They could call and inform the Titanic that they’re about the crash, but the Red Hot Rule prevents them.

But Maxwell didn’t listen to his dad. He called and saved the Titanic–with the repercussion that a cursed Egyptian mummy made its way off the ship. This eventually led to America becoming a toxic wasteland–all except for Hollywood, which became its own island. But Maxwell knows there are other Americans out there, just waiting to strike.

In modern day Dapto, the family goes to a novelty American restaurant run by Chad Wagon. Liam comes to love the facts he learns about America. So he asks Chad to teach him how to be an American.

At Dapto City Council, Big Greg shares the news that the queen is coming to Dapto to declare the Miss Sausage Roll pageant winner. Kevin volunteers to keep the queen safe, volunteering Koala Man as well. 

Allison wants to enter the pageant, but Vicky won’t let her. Vicky tells her she once went after the crown, but lost to an actual sausage roll. After she lost, she went on a seven-year bender before marrying Kevin. She wants to save Alison from the same embarrassment.

Kevin tries to get Liam hyped up about Australia, but Liam is still stuck on America. He insists that he’s American in his heart; that’s what Chad says, anyway. Liam even told Chad Kevin’s secret identity. Kevin then decides it’s time Chad has a chat with Koala Man.

When Alison learns that Saucy Simmons Junior is entering the pageant, she convinces Vicky to let her enter so she can beat her and get revenge.

Liam visits Chad Wagon, who wants to convince the queen to make a place just for Americans. But he secretly wants America “to be reborn in the ashes of Australia.”

Koala Man arrives and tries to get Liam to come home. Chad challenges him to a race to see who gets Liam–which Chad ultimately wins. 

While Liam goes to be Chad’s son, Saucy and Alison face off in the pageant, causing contention between their mothers. Alison nearly slips in the grease at the pageant just like her mother did, but recovers and skates in it, resulting in a win.

The queen of Australia turns out to be Nicole Kidman (the natural course of action after America failed was to become Australia’s queen). While Nicole stands up at the podium, Liam drives Chad’s car. Suddenly, the car starts acting on its own, stating its mission to kill the queen, frame Liam, and reboot Australia into America 2.0.

Nicole crowns Alison the pageant winner, Liam barrels onto the stage. One minute away from Dapto, Maxwell receives news that the queen died and Australia is now America 2.0. He knows he shouldn’t change the “past,” but he calls Koala Man anyway. 

With this information, Koala Man has one minute to save Australia. He warns Alison, who saves the queen, causing Liam’s car to griddle Saucy Jr. instead. Unfortunately for Alison, this means that Saucy Jr. is posthumously named the pageant winner. Still–that’s another popular girl who’s no longer in Alison’s way.

Chad confronts Liam about failing the stunt. Koala Man catches him conspiring to kill the queen and demands he leave Dapto. He starts using America’s rules against Chad. By using his own freedom of speech to insult Chad, Chad shrinks–and gets hit by a car. Kevin tells Liam they’re Australian–and they have to make the best of what they have.

The time police are about to arrest Maxwell again, until Nicole Kidman rides in on a helicopter and commands them to drop his charges.

At the end of the episode, the aforementioned Egyptian mummy shows up to find Chad dead and splattered on the ground. “Mi familia,” she calls him. She will have her revenge.

The Episode Review

There’s some amusing commentary on American patriotism in this episode, even if it gets bogged down a bit by some off-the-wall storylines.

I have to admit that I chuckled at the idea of Australia literally being 15 hours ahead of America. Like in that case, the zany elements of Koala Man typically still have clever rhyme and reason to them–but sometimes, like with the Egyptian mummy, they’re totally lost on me.

Still, the weirdness is usually highly entertaining and necessary to the plot. And thankfully, the show doesn’t lose sight of gritty character struggles. As crazy as Koala Man is, it’s also charmingly relatable.

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