Koala Man – Season 1 Episode 2 “Deep Pockets” Recap & Review

Deep Pockets

In episode 2, Koala Man has an unfortunate run-in with town tradesmen, a.k.a. “The Tradies,” when he tries to help a resident with her switchboard. If The Tradies catch him doing trade work without a license again, they’ll make sure he’ll regret it.

Big Greg refuses to give Koala Man a license, so the hero decides to prove himself by cracking a big case.

Meanwhile, Principal Baswell and Vicky start a “lean canteen” at the high school. When they get rid of sodas, however, the students protest. To avoid the popular kids’ ire, Alison enlists Liam to sneak soda from home into school.

When Vicky catches students with soda, both she and Kevin decide to find out (via different methods) who is responsible for smuggling it in. Vicky tries to talk to the students. She hates Kevin’s method of spying, and tells him to go home because he’s not a “legitimate” superhero.

Janine catches Alison and Liam. Instead of turning them in, she puts them in contact with The Tradies, who can get them more soda via theft.

Feeling guilty, Liam talks to Principal Baswell. He shares his worries about his sister falling in with a rough crowd. Baswell advises him to confront Alison. Vicky then overhears Liam talking about soda and assumes he is the culprit.

Kevin starts to think that maybe Dapto doesn’t need Koala Man until he gets a tip from Liam that a meeting about the sodas is taking place at an abandoned warehouse. Both Koala Man and Vicky show up at the warehouse, where they spy on The Tradies, Kevin, and a hooded figure (Alison).

When Kevin and Vicky fall through the ceiling, Alison runs away before they figure out it’s her. The Tradies then attack Koala Man (for interfering in their business again) and Liam (for betraying them).

Koala Man’s clumsiness ends up saving the day in the fight, causing the Tradies to take each other out–but not before Sparky hits Liam with an electric blast. The Tradies then fuse together to form the “Jack of all Tradies.” Vicky frees herself and uses the soda against “Jack,” defeating The Tradies and causing the warehouse to go up in flames. 

Alison is able to take her family to safety when she hears Liam’s voice in her head telling her what to do. When they all come to, she acts like she just showed up. Instead of fessing up for her crimes, Alison frames Makayla. She’s still determined to become popular and plans to take Mikayla’s place in the school rankings.

Liam tries to advise Alison that her pursuit of popularity will lead to ruin. She asks why she heard his voice in her head at the warehouse, but Liam evades her question.

Big Greg still refuses to give Koala Man a license, especially now that drove all the tradesmen out of town. Luckily Vicky has got him covered; she hands him a handmade superhero license.

The Episode Review

Although a bit all over the place, this episode provides a comical foray into Alison’s insatiable appetite for power and popularity. Makayla got what was coming to her, and we see an interesting development in Liam. Did Sparky’s electricity give him some kind of telepathic power?

It’s so funny to me that, in a world where there are real superheroes with powers like The Tradies, nobody in Dapto actually acknowledges this–except for the few loyal supporters of Koala Man, of course (and he doesn’t even have powers).

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