Knight Flower – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

It Is Darkest Under The Lamp

Episode 7 of Knight Flower begins with Yeo-hwa saying that she trusts Su-ho because he helps powerless people. He retorts that he will keep an eye on her to keep her alive. She sees it as a threat but Jang just smiles.

At the palace, Yoon-hak and the King plot. Yeo-hwa’s brother, Soong-ho is alive and most likely has the jade tablet and the old king’s last order. They deduce that Seok took his sister as his daughter-in-law to threaten him. Elsewhere, Seok orders Lady Oh to retire. Pil also tells him about Su-ho’s meddling. Word has it that Su-ho is an illegitimate son of Scholar Park which Seok doesn’t believe and decides to look into it.

As for Jang, she finds out that Lady Oh knew that Yong-deok’s ring was not her husband’s. This has Yeo-hwa wondering as to why Oh lied. Meanwhile, Lady Oh refuses to retire and Pil warns her not to go against Seok. Even the Queen Dowager tries to stop Seok but he is so powerful that Lady Oh is forced to go into a 3-year mourning. But she has her own schemes as she keeps trying to get in touch with Yeo-hwa.

The missing corpse case is covered up as Su-ho tells Bi-chan to spread the tragic tale of Baek stealing the corpse and disappearing. With only one young noble widow left, Lady Yoo increases the pressure on Yeo-hwa to be perfect.

On the streets, Man-sik bullies the new stranger for opening a stall without permission. Su-ho steps in but Pil warns him not to get involved. He suggests that he knows about the Masked Man and Jang helping him in Yeom’s case. Uninformed about the drama, the stranger, Joo Yo-sub gifts Su-ho a hairpin for his lover which has the latter flustered. Seok runs into Yoon-hak and invites him and Su-ho to his home. This has Su-ho excited which confuses Yoon-hak.

Bi-chan keeps looking for the Masked Woman and runs into Hwang Yi-kyung. He accidentally calls her beautiful and both are shocked.

Meanwhile, Yo-sub strikes a deal with Jang. She wonders about his origin as he is eccentric but clearly noble-born. The Parks show up at Seok’s and Yeo-hwa is surprised. Su-ho keeps glancing at her while Yoon-hak exchanges glances with a sweeper. The gathering commences and Seok insists on helping Su-ho.

Outside, Yeo-hwa tries to eavesdrop, thinking Su-ho is there to spill her secret. He catches her off guard and is amused. After the Parks leave, she finds a book with a note that someone will tell her about Soong-ho in 5 days.

The brothers part ways and Yoon-hak runs into Yeon-sun. She asks about Su-ho for Yeo-hwa and he asks about Yeo-hwa for his case. Both misunderstand and Yeon-sun is upset.

There is a Moran Gathering at Myungdo where Yo-sub tries to sell his wares by narrating love stories. But the women are not interested in Romeo and Juliet or how he left his country because he was in love with a foreigner. Instead, they gossip about Yeo-hwa, the loyal widow who has never seen her dead husband. It is then revealed that Yo-sub is the “dead” husband and he wonders why everyone thinks he is dead.

On the dais, the noblewomen also gossip, but this time about Yo-sub and how he reminds them of Seok. Lady Yoo is furious and scolds them. Yeo-hwa sneaks inside right when Su-ho arrives. While they bicker, Yo-sub barges in. To hide her face, Su-ho hugs her and Yo-sub just smirks and runs off. After the gathering, Su-ho asks Jang to dig into Lady Oh secretly. 

Later, Yoon-hak solicits a meeting between Su-ho and the King about Yeom and the old king’s death. The King good-naturedly warns Su-ho who refuses to back down. Impressed, the King asks Su-ho to join them. Yoon-hak then tells him about the night of the massacre. The old king had asked him to look after the Kangs and knew he wouldn’t survive. That night, Yoon-hak had gone to the Kangs’ place to find everyone dead and an injured Su-ho. 

Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa cannot forget Su-ho hugging her. Outside, Yo-sub tries to peek in. After much convincing, Yeo-hwa finally meets Lady Oh who asks about her brother. Yeo-hwa then returns home to find Lady Yoo ransacking the shrine. She finds Su-ho’s fan that Yeo-hwa had used as a weapon during their first meeting.

In the Knight Flower Episode 7’s epilogue, Jang arrives after Yo-sub and finds Su-ho and Yeo-hwa hugging. They are flustered and Yeo-hwa runs out. Jang teases her while inside, Su-ho is also blushing.

The Episode Review

Knight Flower Episode 7 has the best plot twist ever with Joo Yo-sub being the “dead” husband. Bet it is going to make a lot of people angry. Oh and does this mean a brighter future for Yeo-hwa? With him alive, she is not a widower. She most likely is not even married since he wasn’t present at his own wedding.

The mystery factor has really been amped up and it looks like the drama’s second half is off to a promising start. Lady Oh is one to keep an eye on, especially since she keeps insisting on meeting Yeo-hwa. The King, a passive player, has jumped into the fray as well, switching up the chess pieces for good.

But along with the mystery, the romance is progressing at a pretty good speed. We have a much clearer read on Su-ho who is not your typical tsundere. He has his code of ethics but he is also pretty emotional, quick to smile and blush or get excited when he gets to go to his crush’s house. It is a tough job to keep up with Honey Lee but Lee Jong-won’s Su-ho hasn’t faltered so far.

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