Knight Flower – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

While You Were Asleep

Episode 6 of Knight Flower begins with Yeo-hwa getting dressed in time and stumbling out. She takes Seok out on a walk and talks about wanting to find her brother, Soong-ho. A flashback shows Seok telling Pil to kill Soong-ho. Meanwhile, Bi-chan and Su-ho find dead wasps after they drink the petal water and realise that it is poison. 

At the palace, Seok fiercely insists on beheading Yong-deok the next day without trial and the King gives in. Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa visits Lady Oh and straight up asks if Yeom’s death is a fortunate thing. Lady Oh laughs but deflects and simply claims she will not meet anyone anymore to live as a devoted widow.

While leaving, Yeo-hwa and Su-ho cross paths. Making sure that Yeo-hwa hears him, he suddenly tells Bi-chan loudly that he will head to Myung-do Inn to find evidence. Of course, Yeo-hwa wears her pink disguise and waits for him so they can accidentally meet. While waiting, she tries to convince Lady Baek to live but she refuses as she doesn’t want to live in hiding alone. 

Su-ho takes a detour to interrogate Lady Oh who reveals that she herself gave her husband water the night he died. Su-ho notices her hands clench and realises the water was poisoned. Elsewhere, while exchanging his mysterious notes in the bookshop, Yoon-hak finds himself waiting for Yeon-sun. She hides on seeing him.

Near Myungdo, Bi-chan spots Hwang Yi-kyung looking for Su-ho and has her chase him. Inside, Jang teases Su-ho that he frequents her inn as if he has a lover. He gets flustered and rushes to meet Yeo-hwa. His misunderstanding has him scolding her for having a lover till she claims she saw the couple. On learning she is the lover, he is relieved and runs off embarrassed. 

As for Lady Oh, she tells Pil about Su-ho’s investigation and it is revealed that the two work for Seok. She had planned to initially kill her husband with the petals but first used it to kill the King which led to Seok paying her monthly for the last 15 years. He gets too familiar with her but she scolds him for his low birth which irks him.

Lady Yoo scolds Yeo-hwa for coming home late even though Yeo-hwa brings the cakes her son used to bring. Alone, Yoo is touched. It cuts to a man arriving in town, eating the same cake and heading to Myungdo for entertainment. While Su-ho works, Bi-chan wonders if Lady Oh killed Yeom but reprimands himself as she is the Queen Dowager’s niece. 

As for Merchant Jang and Yeo-hwa, they enact their plan to free Yong-deok. With Jang’s connections, they sneak in a tonic. Things go sideways immediately but Su-ho, who has been following them, saves Yeo-hwa just before her mask falls. Meanwhile, Yong-deok is diagnosed with the plague and declared dead, and abandoned at a grave site.

Su-ho arrives right when Hwal-yoo and Yeo-hwa rescue Yong-deok who has just blacked out. Su-ho tries to stop them but Yeo-hwa distracts him. Bi-chan follows Hwal-yoo take Yong-deok to Myungdo. Su-ho chases Yeo-hwa by calling her by her title and she realises he knows her identity. They bicker as she is annoyed by him following the law and he lets it slip that he is worried about her.

He gets flustered and she asks him to help cover up and runs off. Frustrated, Su-ho asks his brother for help and tells him everything. Yoon-hak is shocked by the autopsy report and Su-ho asks for his help in covering up the missing ‘corpse’. At the same time, an insider reports to Seok who tells him to cover it all up too.

Yeon-sun is at the end of her wit as Yeo-hwa’s plan to silence Su-ho about her identity is to use her pathetic situation. Yeo-hwa also wonders why he helped her. Yoon-hak shares the new developments with the King and it is indeed the same smell found on his father. Seok and Pil both separately look for the culprit who stole Yong-deok’s corpse. The news about Baek having an affair reaches Lady Yoo but she hides her shock.

At Myungdo, Yeo-hwa pretends to kill herself so that Su-ho will keep her secret but he doesn’t bat an eye. She tries to threaten him but he is confident that she won’t kill him either and she falters. Yoon-hak’s new note reveals that Soong-ho’s sister is Yeo-hwa who is married into the Seok family. Meanwhile, she takes off her mask in front of Su-ho.

The Knight Flower Episode 6 Epilogue reveals Lady Baek and Yong-deok disguising as merchants and running off. Jang reveals they had a loud first night at Myungdo Inn and Yeo-hwa is scandalised.

The Episode Review

The second half of the K-drama is about to be chaotic, messy and extremely engaging. Knight Flower Episode 6 already has us hooked even though the naivety of the characters at times is getting a little too much. We have Yeo-hwa not realising that Su-ho directed her to Myungdo and has been keeping her secret all this time. But it is still funny from the way Yeon-sun worries for her to Su-ho not being deterred in the slightest when she threatens him.

Oh, and something is up with Lady Oh and Pil. Did she mean that he shouldn’t call her sister as a title because he is crossing a line or because they are indeed related? Her husband, Yeom insults her for being of low birth and she then lashes out at Pil for the same reason which annoys him. Why would it if she was her superior, he clearly respects and fears Seok. Well, plot twist, hello!

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