Knight Flower – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Everyone Has a Secret

Episode 4 Knight Flower begins with Bi-chan and Su-ho clearing the grandmother’s house as the latter worries that the Masked Man would worry that there is no shelter. Su-ho ends up crossing paths with the robbers again who seem to get deja vu and explain that they just saw the Masked Man. Su-ho goes looking for her and comes across the stand-off.

He and Yeo-hwa bicker over who should be taken hostage. They pretend to fight each other and take down Pil’s men. The granddaughter and lady rush to Myungdo Inn while Bi-chan’s voice scares away Pil’s men. Su-ho seems to recognise Yeo-hwa but before he can confirm it, she head-butts him and runs off.

Yeon-sun learns about Pil’s human trafficking from Myungdo and warns Yeo-hwa. Meanwhile, Lady Oh sends Queen Dowager’s book as a gift for Yeo-hwa which has Lady Yoo dreaming about the Chastity Gate.

Pil’s man, Man-sik, tells him the Masked Man interrupting. It seems that the vigilante had also saved Merchant Jang. Pil is furious and only tolerates Man-sik since he had fed him when he was a hungry butcher. As for Su-ho, he can’t stop thinking about the Masked Man and smiles.

Yoon-hak gets a note from the bookseller – there are 2 deaths and 3 men missing in Gyeongsang. Outside, he sees Yeon-sun buying a male disguise for Yeo-hwa. He picks out a  hat for her and she is flustered when he asks for her name. Su-ho returns the painting but Minister Yeom creates a scene that the crossbar of the painting is cracked. Su-ho is told to replace it.

Excited about what is to come, Yoo teaches Yeohwa how to get out of the palanquin. Yeo-hwa is so tired she ends up crawling on all fours. Seok comes to her rescue and compliments Yoo for disciplining her. He brings a royal apple for her and they flirt while Yeo-hwa flees to the shrine. Bi-chan sulks that he didn’t get to see the Masked Man while Su-ho rants about how she broke the crossbar.

During Yeo-hwa’s next visit to Myungdo Inn, Su-ho also drops by and Man-sik notices. Jang decides that they need someone powerful to stop Pil from human trafficking when Su-ho shows up. He and Yeo-hwa fight over the crossbar and it completely breaks to reveal petals inside.

Man-sik alerts Pil who decides to quickly ship out the children. Yeo-hwa asks Su-ho to help her take down Pil but he refuses. Vigilantes are a nuisance and the Capital Defense Command will stop Pil. She just scoffs at his righteousness but can’t help but feel inferior with him calling her a nuisance.

Yoon-hak brings the news of the missing men to the King. Turns out that the men missing served Im Kang, Head of the King’s Guard (and also Suho’s real father). They disappeared the same day the previous king died. On the same day, someone took a jade tablet they are looking for. One of the men missing is Soong-ho, Yeo-hwa’s brother.

Suho convinces Hwang to investigate Pil as their reputation will grow by catching a notorious gangster. Yeo-hwa worries if Su-ho will follow through. The Moran ladies pay a visit and the Personnel Minister’s wife as usual has barbs for Lady Yoo. Hwang keeps losing his nerve but with Su-ho’s push, arrests Pil. Pil keeps insinuating that the Masked Man kidnapped the kid and also threatens Su-ho. 

The officers search Pil Inn but find no one. Yeo-hwa dresses as a man and shows up. She overhears Pil’s man telling another to keep a watch on the kids. She follows him to a warehouse and is almost caught but runs off by pretending to be drunk. 

Yeom takes bribes from Pil and ends up fighting with the Minister of Punishment who calls him out for it. Yeom also tries to get Pil released. Yoon-hak and the King manipulate Seok to discipline Yeom but Pil is released anyway. Hwang is furious with Su-ho while Pil boasts that his royal connection is stronger than Su-ho’s. 

Yoon-hak scolds Su-ho for arresting Pil but gives a ledger of Pil’s embezzlement. He advises Su-ho to collect all the evidence and then take Pil down for once.

Jang’s man fixes the painting and Su-ho returns it to a drunk Yeom. He throws away the petals which Su-ho gathers. Yeom lectures him on letting things go when it comes to Pil and dismisses Su-ho. Lady Oh tries to make him comfortable but he takes out his anger on her and beats her. Turns out, she is a lowborn and he thinks she is looking down on him. She takes the rest of the petals and simply leaves.

Elsewhere, Pil grovels in front of Seok and it is revealed that he made Pil the head of the guild. Pil helped him with something 15 years ago but Seok can replace him anytime. Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa sneaks into Pil Inn and enters the warehouse. Suddenly, Su-ho follows her inside.

The epilogue of Knight Flower Episode 4 shows Yeon-sun showing Yeo-hwa the male disguise she got for her. At the inn, while waiting for Pil’s men to lead her to the warehouse, Yeo-hwa gets tempted and drinks the whole bottle of liquor.

The Episode Review

Knight Flower Episode 4 is finally laying out all the pieces of the puzzle and giving us hints on the big picture. This makes it easier for us to enjoy the story as we don’t have to spend our energy racking our brains on what all the mystery is about and how everyone is linked. The King’s father, Su-ho’s father, Yeo-hwa’s brother, Seok and Pil-jik are all involved in an incident that took place 15 years ago.

We can guess that Seok led a coup with Pil killing Kang and the previous King. The 3 missing guards including Soong-ho ran for their lives and are waiting to get revenge. Seok installed the current King who lets him play him like a puppet. From Yoon-hak’s strategy for Pil, it seems that he and the King are biding their time and gathering evidence to take down Seok.

Well, with that out of the confusion, the comedy keeps getting funnier and wittier with every passing episode. Honey Lee is the perfect actor for Yeo-hwa and no one else could have brought her to life. Su-ho still seems a bit vague with his righteous but naive, clever but innocent nature, but we still have time to explore his character.

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