Knight Flower – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

You Seem Somewhat Familiar

Episode 3 of Knight Flower begins with the robbers running off and Su-ho insisting on carrying out an investigation. Yeo-hwa uses her grieving card to get out. Yoon-hak also recognises Yeon-sun and the women use the distraction to run off. Alone, Su-ho realises that Yeo-hwa was actually helping the robbers steal from her. 

Elsewhere, Bi-chan overhears Pil’s man, Man-sik threatening an art seller on the whereabouts of the tiger painting which is currently in the Seok shrine. Lady Oh ropes in Lady Yoo for a charity event at Soogu Gate with the promise of Chastity Gate honour going to Yeo-hwa. 

Bi-chan tells Su-ho that everyone’s after the painting and the inspector writes threatening letters to Masked Woman c/o Merchant Jang to return it. Yeo-hwa gives in and heads to the bureau that night but Su-ho tries to arrest her. While fighting, his night robe comes apart and they are both flustered by his abs. Yeo-hwa throws the painting at him and runs off.

Su-ho ends up dreaming about Yeo-hwa, the Masked Woman and Ggotnim’s saviour. He starts wondering if all three are the same person.

The Soogu Gate charity relief begins but as usual, it is tense between Lady Yoo and the Personnel Minister’s wife. It doesn’t help that the latter’s widowed daughter-in-law, Lady Baek is graceful while Yeo-hwa is clumsy.

At the bookstore, Yoon-hak and Yeon-sun run into each other again. He tries to return her romance novel and she is embarrassed. He sees that she has transcribed a book he needs and tries to overpay for it. She just takes her usual cost and runs off which amuses him. She invests her monthly earnings with Merchant Jang and it is revealed that she has enough to buy her own house. But she refuses as Yeo-hwa would not be able to visit her.

Back to the charity relief, Su-ho stands guard but he can’t take his eyes off Yeo-hwa. Her cloak keeps slipping, she worries for everyone and tries to give everyone excess porridge. Lady Baek admonishes her as there isn’t any food and is desensitized to the suffering. 

However, Yeo-hwa cannot forget an old lady looking for her granddaughter and brings food for her. The roof caves in and Yeo-hwa jumps in to save her. Su-ho also shows up and shoulders the pillar, allowing the women to run out. However, he only sees her eyes and realisation hits him. Lady Oh praises Yeo-hwa’s courage but Lady Yoo, the Personnel Minister’s wife and Lady Baek don’t look happy.

At court, there is another mystery brewing. It has been 15 years since the previous King died and no one knows how. This has been haunting the present King and he has been pretending to be sick ever since. Yoon-hak is the only one who knows the truth as they confide in each other. The King also tells him not to distance himself from Su-ho and it seems he is also involved in the mysterious event that took place 15 years ago. 

Pil is involved in child trafficking and angry at Man-sik for losing one of the girls, the old lady’s granddaughter. Su-ho is hurt on his back and Yoon-hak dresses his injury. He tells his younger brother not to draw attention and Su-ho wonders how it would have been if he had not been adopted. Yoon-hak teases that he would be a womanizer and they smile.

As Yeo-hwa recounts the day’s events to Yeon-sun, she feels selfish. Yeon-sun comforts her by pointing out that Yeo-hwa is doing the best she can. A flashback shows Yeo-hwa running away 12 years ago. She spots some men hitting Yeon-sun and she saves her and brings her home. She teaches her how to read and write as well.

Yeo-hwa decides to help the old lady and in her masked persona, takes some rice. The robbers are busy hunting for more rice at Soogu Gate and it is revealed that Lady Baek’s food is mixed with pebbles. They end up crossing paths with Yeo-hwa who asks about the missing girl and they reveal that kids go missing near Soogu Gate all the time.

At that moment, Pil’s men arrive. On seeing them capture the girl, Yeo-hwa attacks. They take the grandmother hostage but someone throws a rock at Man-sik. It is Su-ho in a mask.

The epilogue of Knight Flower Episode 3 shows Yeo-hwa after returning the painting. She can’t help but see Su-ho’s abs everywhere and gets flustered.

The Episode Review

Knight Flower Episode 3 keeps getting funnier. Yeo-hwa is a riot and everything she does is so adorable and hilarious. She is loud but kind, clumsy but surefooted. She acts self-obsessed but she cares for everyone. There isn’t much going for Su-ho other than his single-minded focus on capturing the Masked Woman but things seem to be looking up for him in the next episode.

There is also that overt romance blooming between Yoon-hak and Yeon-sun to keep us busy as whatever is happening between Yeo-hwa and Su-ho is bound to be a slow burn and angsty. The mystery, however, is way too vague at the moment. We need more exposition on that or everyone’s going to start skipping the King vs Seok drama.

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