Kleo Season 1 Ending Explained – The woes of a red suitcase

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What’s happened before the finale?

“The suitcase must be defended with your life” And when it comes to the final episode of Kleo, you better believe that means a good deal of blood, violence and deceiving!

Episode 7 shed a light bit of light over what’s actually inside this red suitcase, with Andi about to unveil its contents. Sat down before Kleo and Sven, he revealed to them that it holds “explosive documents”, which were used by Kleo’s grandfather to blackmail powerful people. This happened to be a secret deal between… BANG! He’s killed before he can reveal more by Ramona, who smirks, holds Sven up at knifepoint and eventually slithers away.

Anna perishes after skirmishing with Kleo, courtesy of being set alight as the attention here turns back to the real location of the red suitcase. All roads then lead to Chile. And when Min Sun heads home and sees the place a mess, she also realizes where they’re going too.

Does Sven team up with Min Sun?

So this sets up the finale nicely, as we arrive in the sunny South American paradise of Chile. Sven is taken away by authorities when they get there, questioned by Min Sun over his allegiances and what he’s doing. Sven refuses to do anything and move on Kleo until he actually becomes an agent for real.

Sven is allowed to go and he ends up staying with Kleo at a motel. They’re not exactly enthused by the accommodation though, given there’s only one King-sized bed.

After an awkward night’s sleep, the pair arrive at Jorge’s house. Apparently Jorge died 5 months back from a brain tumor. That’s obviously a lie though, something Kleo sees straight through when she notices shoes and a jacket inside.

Ramona finds out and is incredulous over the lies, knowing that Kleo won’t fall for this… and she doesn’t. Kleo kills the maid and answers a call from Ramona, who organizes a meet at El Buitre Bar. While Kleo faces her head-on, she tasks Sven with going to the hotel and looking for clues about where the suitcase may be.

What happens in El Buitre bar? Is Kleo killed?

At El Buitre bar, a pregnant Ramona gushes over how her pregnancy is going, knowing that this will rile up Kleo. While she gets the drinks in, Sven looks through various documents and finds a map. He slips away in victory but unfortunately Kleo is outsmarted and poisoned, on the verge of dying as Ramona smugly walks away.

Sven shows up and manages to save Kleo’s life, showing her the map as they triumphantly prepare for the next step in their journey.

With Kleo on the mend, the pair head off on a road-trip, following the map to find the suitcase. However, they pass Ramona on the road and a chase ensues. Eventually this sees Kleo and Sven tumble off a cliff edge in a really disgusting and brutal car crash.

Thankfully the power of plot armour means they’re both alive with barely a scratch on them. With the petrol pouring out, Ramona looks set to throw a lighter… until her water breaks. Kleo steps out and decides to help Ramona deliver he baby.

What’s inside the red suitcase?

Of course, we know that Kleo’s plight started in prison way back in episode 1 with her losing her baby so it’s fitting that it ends here with her helping to deliver Ramona’s child. She’s no longer a threat to them, and this act of kindness essentially allows Kleo and Sven to go after the suitcase alone.

Kleo and Sven eventually find the suitcase. So what is inside? Well, first up we see a picture of President Reagan along with documents about a pact. Now, it would seem that Reagan actually financed the GDR and kept it alive with US dollars. The whole affair was done off the books, bypassing Congress completely. This means the GDR was in collusion with the enemy. If this got out, it could cause chaos

Margot Honecker shows up and confirms this pact. After taking a stiff drink for herself, she points out that Reagan needed them as his bogeyman and in exchange, they need the money to continue financing their operation.

Does Kleo hand over the suitcase?

Mielke got his hands on the documents and blackmailed Erich, essentially throwing the whole operation into disarray. She’s confident that they’ll hand over the suitcase. Why? Well it turns out Kleo’s mum is still alive and she has the details. In exchange for giving Kleo her address at Hotel Carrera, Margot wants the suitcase.

Kleo agrees to the deal and ends up finding information on her mother. As Kleo goes on the hunt for her long-lost faily, Margot takes the suitcase through the airport. However, Min Sun is in hot pursuit and has a red suitcase of her own.

Through all of this, Sven is disappointed and angry in Kleo’s decision. He points out how big this suitcase is and how massive a deal it actually is in the grand scheme of things. Still, he agrees to go with her to see Kleo’s mum. But by meet it’s more like unceremoniously pushing her out the car so she has no choice but to confront her past!

Once there, Kleo learns that her mother never agreed with her father’s strictness and wanted a different GDR than the one offered. As a result, she was betrayed and cast her out. She’s set up a new life for herself here and has a lot of resentment over her past. As a result, she tells Kleo to leave.

Having at least gained a bit of closure, no matter how painful, she walks away. When Kleo returns to Sven, the pair inevitably hook up after a fair amount of sexual chemistry between them throughout these past few episodes.

Why does Kleo chase Sven?

In the morning, Sven retorts that Margot may not have the suitcase after all. He’s struck up a deal with Min Sun of course, but Kleo is shocked when she finds out. Everything has been for nothing now that those same people she’s been trying hard to gain revenge on, may actually have leverage after all.

Enraged, Kleo chases him down the street with her gun. She can’t bring herself to shoot him though, instead cursing him out and firing the gun into the air.

How does Kleo season 1 end?

Meanwhile, Min Sun brings the suitcase to the US and hands it over. As she walks away, she smirks while the official opens it… and we fade to black. Now, through the power of “play/pause/play/pause” it would seem that there’s actually a package inside the suitcase.

It’s not initially clear what but if I’d wager a guess, I’d imagine it’s an explosive of some sort, especially given Min Sun’s smirk is anything to go by. Margot opens her suitcase and just finds rolls of toilet paper. Uh oh!

Just before the show ends, we cut across to Uwe, who’s still alive but still dribbling blood from his mouth. After cursing, he grits his teeth… and the show ends.

The Episode Review

So Kleo bows out with an exciting and action packed final episode, one that sees Kleo get a bit of closure with her family but also plenty of scope for a second season to move into another, more dramatic, conflict.

The woes of this red suitcase are ultimately what bind this whole season together and that much is especially evident here as we’re left none the wiser over the contents of the red suitcase when the credits roll.

I said in the recap part of this article that the US may well have a rigged explosive, setting up a big conflict and a potential war, while Margot is undoubtedly going to want revenge over what’s happened too.

Speaking of revenge, what about Uwe? That whole situation is bubbling up nicely and could lead to a massive second season – if Netflix green-light it.

Ultimately though, Kleo has been a really fun and aesthetically vibrant series, with a consistent motif of reds, yellows and blues to keep things as slick as possible.

There are some definite Killing Eve vibes here but Kleo marches to the beat of its own bloody drum through much of its run-time – and it’s all the stronger for it.

This has been a fun watch though and a second season certainly wouldn’t be amiss!


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4 thoughts on “Kleo Season 1 Ending Explained – The woes of a red suitcase”

  1. The secret would have been better and more realistic if the bad guy was George Bush Sr. I don’t think there is a bomb but the idea that we have a Chinese agent is excellent for future series.

  2. More on Min Sun:

    Although we only get a glimpse of what’s in the red suitcase she delivers to the Americans, it appears to be a large white envelope tied with two pieces of string. Whereas the original documents were kept inside formal red binders.

    However, I don’t see Min putting a bomb in there, since she would have to worry about getting out of the United States if it went off. Nor is there any obvious motivation for her to murder some random American official.

    So my bet would be decoy documents planted by the Chinese government, for whom she probably still works. Which would set up the Chinese to be in possession of this extraordinary kompromat in season two.

    However my favorite bit of whimsy in this finale — a finale filled with offbeat humor — is the prospect that Cleo might have allies from another planet in season two, should she end up in a predicament she can’t get out of on her own. Now that would be a deus machina! lol

  3. Yes, the red suitcase, I did wonder if their could have been another switch and Min Sun had double crossed the West too and who now has the damaging contents regarding Reagan’s deal. Also Kleo’s reaction to Sven when she realised he had colluded with Min Sun and the suitcase is in the West hands? Also Kleo’s reaction to Sven is that because she now will become a target in the East and West over the missing suitcase?

  4. Thanks for that.

    I was confused with Min Sun in the end. Why the smirk? Is she a double agent? Really weird…I suspect there’s more to come in this story.

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