Kite Thief – Ambiviolent | Album Review

Track Listing

The Tide 
Jude Judy & The Executioner 


Bristol band Kite Thief want their message of rage to reach the top of the world and they want their music to be played from speakers stuck to every corner of the planet too. The music they present is fast and volatile but it also has meaning and substance. There are elements of rock and metal intertwining when the vocals come in and the guitars nearly combust.  

From the onset, there is no let-up. Though this is true, not everything seems rosy, as the band scream and shout for change in their lives. Hope seems to be falling deeply into obscurity, and the act knows that, even when they’re seeing things improve slightly.  

Loud and unforgiving, the band use their talents well here, with melodies and harmonies taking centre stage. The rush of guitars and that pulsating drive for clarity makes sense, as the outfit feeds off the music like it’s their lifestream. 

‘The Tide’ starts loudly, and the musical arrangements are stellar. The vocal work sparks fury, and the band feel disengaged. Every word means the world here, and the chorus bubbles with intensity.  

‘Shush’ opens with frenetic guitar work, offering melody upon melody. Sadness exudes here, and the band try to patch it all together. From the start, the song pleases and the chorus boasts sheer composure.  

‘Ambivilolent’ again seizes the rock sound, though there’s more to it. The band is in their element, pushing the instrumentals forward and fighting for every sound and every melody. It’s another well-rounded, cathartic song.  

Kite Thief rally their music, knowing they have what it takes to break through to the top.  

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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