Kinnporsche – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Taking Don & Big Wang Down

Episode 7 of Kinnporsche picks up right where we left off after that shocking cliffhanger last week. At the club, Kinn is in recovery but following the attack, rival gangs are starting to rebel. People have been sent into their territory. Porsche and the other bodyguards go undercover at the casino to weed them out.

Naturally, Porsche takes centerstage here, heading to the casino and fighting with the gang members head-on. After stopping those shady men, Kinn receives an update. It would seem that these men have been sent by Don, who happens to be the ringleader here.

In order to find out the truth, Mr Vegas goes one step further with his interrogation methods, using pliers to rip out the man’s teeth. It’s a gnarly way of gaining information but it seems to work. The man reveals that Don is about to buy a big load of drugs from someone called Big Wang.

Porsche checks up on Kinn in the wake of all this drama, discussing the mission and working with Vegas. Kimm makes him promise to return when this is all said and done. And the pair embrace warmly afterwards.

Porsche has been hand-picked by Mr Vegas to join them in the upcoming mission, given how fondly Kinn speaks of him. Vegas brings him to the main courtyard, where everyone is treated well, including with alcohol and food. Kinn also patches things up with Pete too. Vegas actually asked him to come and apologize, given they’re on the same side in this upcoming fight.

In his absence Kinn is questioned by his father, who comments how he’s different since returning from the woods. He’s not talking about his wound either, bringing up his eyes and how they tell a very different story. “Come back to your old self soon. Our family is waiting for you.” He says, handing Kinn a slice of apple.

Elsewhere, Chay has his tutoring changed to today but the place is a mess, forcing him to quickly clean up. Only, the guy is actually outside. Inviting him in, he’s handed a guitar as a present. When he gets a chance, he breaks into Chay’s room and begins looking around. There, he notices numerous pictures of him up on the wall, and a school shirt too. Downstairs, he asks Chay to write a love song for the person he’s crushing on, unknown to Chay that Kim knows his secret.

With Vegas taking things over temporarily, there’s a big shift in urgency – and with Kinn’s mood too. He becomes jealous and it seems the root cause of that comes from his previous bodyguard. Vegas tells Porsche that the last bodyguard got really close but this caused Kinn to become paranoid that he was some sort of spy. Kinn became so rattled that he eventually shot the man in the head. As Vegas walks away, a sneer crosses his lips. Is this true? Or is he making stuff up?

Either way, that night Vegas sets to work stopping Big Wang’s drug deal from going down. On the eve of the big handoff, Kinn shows up with a gun for Porsche. He also has another gun for him too; a cheeky little bit of flirting to lighten the mood.

We then cut to the big deal. The plan here is for Pete to stick with the tied up Big Wang whom they managed to get to talk earlier in the episode. Once they get past security and start the trade with Don, Vegas calls out Wang as a mole and unable to be trusted. He also asks Don to let bygones be bygones and forget this whole ordeal. To sweeten the deal, he even offers to give them the drugs for free. Only…not really.

In truth, this is one big ruse, knowing that Don would never go for this deal. When they open up the truck, Porsche and his men are there with guns, ready to kill them all. In the aftermath of this shootout, Don tries to crawl away but Vegas eventually kills him with a single bullet. The man certainly knows how to get things done!

That night while they’re all celebrating, things take a turn for the worst. Vegas ends up alone with Porsche and tries to kiss him. Porsche pulls away but Kinn and his men show up. When Vegas leaves, with this volatile conflict unresolved, Kinn slaps Porsche in the face. When Porsche tries to walk away though, Kinn pulls him back and apologizes. Kissing his chest and neck tenderly, the pair eventually kiss – and more – as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Vegas gets more done in one episode than the whole Theerapanyakul family did in six chapters, which is pretty amusing when you think about it. However, more pressing than that is the ever-growing complicated ties between Kinn and Porsche. Whether Vegas’ story about him killing his ex is actually true or not is still unknown at this point but we have seen Kinn’s jealousy so it’s not outside the realm of possibility for this to be true.

Meanwhile, the operation to take out Don is a success, with plenty of exciting action to tide us over. From the looks of it though, the ending hints that this fight is about to see Vegas and Kinn pitted against one another, potentially with Porsche in the middle forced to try and decide which side to play for.

Either way, another good episode bows out as Kinnporsche continues to deliver enthralling drama, romance and nice bites of action.

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