Kinnporsche – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Kinnporsche starts right off the back of that shocking chase with the lorry last chapter. Kinn’s GPS is in the back of the lorry and his men out looking for him. They’ve found the truck but neither Kinn nor Porsche are actually there.

In fact, the pair are actually both out in the woods, lost and unsure where to go. With the pair arguing over the right direction to take, they settle this the only way any civilized person would… rock, paper, scissors. Porsche wins but he ends up sending them round in a big circle. So this time, it turns to Kinn… who leads them to the exact same spot.

After a bit of arguing and failing to break their cuffs, the pair do manage to find some fresh water to quench their thirst. That’s probably just as well because as they leave the forest, the pair end up walking up the dusty, dry, choked road.

The sun starts to set, as the pair find a hollowed out abandoned truck to spend the night. With the sun bleaching the sky pink, the pair are happy with their progress. However, the night soon wears on and they’re forced to make a fire together.

All this time alone helps the pair to grow closer. After fishing, they end up kissing in the river, right next to a small waterfall. It’s a really beautiful moment in their development, mostly because it’s the first time they’ve kissed while sober.

That night, the pair talk about their dreams. For Porsche, he wants to open up his own bar. Kinn’s dream is actually to be a singer. Porsche encourages him to sing, and despite his initial reservations to stay quiet, he tells Kinn he could be a star upon hearing his sing – if he didn’t have to take over from Mr Korn of course.

In the morning, the pair head out to try and get some help but run into yet another roadblock. This time, they try to jump over a large crevasse but instead, tumble down to the bottom. They’re both okay though and not too badly injured, but their survival situation has just got a whole lot worse. Let’s hope a boulder doesn’t fall and trap one of their arms (cheeky 127 hours reference there!)

As they sit together, Kinn admits that he’s got no responsibilities in this situation and he actually quite likes that. It means he can be himself without the pressures and expectations of his family hanging over him. He also apologizes for what happened between them in the past, including that unpleasant slap and holding him by the throat against the wall.

The thing is, Kinn actually has a key to the handcuffs and eventually reveals that to Porsche. He’s enjoyed their time together and clearly didn’t want to admit this too soon because he wanted them to stay close.

As they make it out and back into the open, Kinn tells Porsche to leave. After hearing his dream about opening up a bar and being with his brother, Kinn urges him to get away. Porsche hugs and kisses Kinn before scampering out into the wilderness.

Now on his own, Kinn is approached by several hitmen who begin firing on him. Thankfully, Porsche jumps in to help. Only, a third soldier approaches and looks to shoot Porsche. Kinn jumps in the way and takes the bullet, just as Kinn’s men arrive and take out the crook. However, Kinn’s life is hanging in the balance and right now, it’s unknown whether he’s going to survive.

The Episode Review

After so much drama over the weeks, Kinnporsche’s latest episode takes something of a backseat as we slow right down and allow Kinn and Porsche to have some time together, alone in the wild. It’s a rather cheap episode, in terms of production design, and a nice palette cleanser away from the lavishly dressed interiors and tight corridors that have made up this drama thus far.

The episode also allows for Kinn and Porsche to grow closer together and share their first kiss. Proper kiss anyway, given they’re both sober this time around!

While some are likely to bemoan how slow this chapter was, I personally think it was needed after so many episodes of build-up, including Porsche entering the bodyguard business and trying to settle in. This is just what he doctor ordered, allowing both Kinn and Porsche to re-align their priorities before getting back down to business.

The ending certainly leaves things wide open for next week, although the preview seems to show that Kinn is okay and has recovered from his wound so that’s a nice little spoiler to have!

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