King The Land – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Hotel Amor

Episode 16 of King The Land begins with Sa-rang looking troubled and Grandmother scolds her for keeping it to herself. Sa-rang ends up revealing that her career is not planning out the way she wants and she is not happy at the hotel. This is the same thought going on in her head when she tells Won that she wants to quit. Having learned his lesson from before, he asks her what she means.

Why does Sa-rang tells Won she wants to quit?

Sa-rang tells him that she wants to leave King Hotel and start a hotel of her own. He is happy that she is sharing her concerns and passion with him. He promises to be by her side and she says she will too. She starts tearing up and he calls her pretty. He calls the drone operator to cancel the event and when she asks about it, he says it is for later. The waitress takes a polaroid and they hold hands. This time, Sa-rang keeps the polaroid. 

She then treats Chairman Gu to a meal and tells him that she is quitting. He wonders if she is outright declaring war against him. But Sa-rang says that she loves Won and wants to date him in the open. She says she will do her best not to disappoint him as Won’s father and Gu apologises for his immaturity.

The VIP staff and Sang-sik are all sad to see her go and so is Sa-rang as she looks around fondly. At the bus stop, she is impressed by a white limo only to see that it is for her. Won gets out and gifts her shoes to mark her new journey.

What is the equation between Da-eul and her husband?

As for Chung-jae, he is grumbling and further annoyed to see that Da-eul is not helping him on her day off but going out. She slams back and warns him to get a job within a month or she will be done with him. Their daughter, Cho-rong wholeheartedly supports her and promises to keep an eye on him.

What is Hotel Amor?

At King Hotel, Won implements several changes to increase the quality while promoting Sang-sik who is moved by the gesture. Meanwhile, Sa-rang is searching for the perfect building for her hotel and she and Won are excited when she finds one.

Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa also throw a party to celebrate Sa-rang as the first one to be a boss among the trio. Grandmother goes one step further by giving her the money she has been saving. Sa-rang gets to work, singlehandedly fixing up the building and naming it Hotel Amor — a place for blooming romance.

Does Hwa-ran’s son go back to USA?

At the Gus, Ji-hu is in his usual mature disguise as he is polite and tells everyone he is heading to USA the next day. Won feels for the boy and asks Hwa-ran to go easy on Ji-hu. She brushes him off and at the airport she and Ji-hu are cordial. However, before he leaves, he hugs her and says he loves her. She tears up and before he can cross security, she stops him and takes him home.

Does Won ever propose to Sa-rang?

Won’s expansion of King Hotel is off to a great start and so is Sa-rang’s as she is ready for opening night. She texts him and falls asleep only to wake up to a sound. Getting ready to beat up any intruder, she heads out only to be pleasantly surprised by Won who has covered the lawn with flowers. They hang out and celebrate when she gets her first reservation.

When it’s time to leave, he tries to stay longer. Sa-rang playfully suggests he will get tired driving back late. The mood changes as she points to her room and asks him to stay the night. He kisses her and they head in. They are even more frustratingly lovey-dovey the next day. 

It is a month later, and while Ro-woon and Pyeong-hwa drive, they marvel at how Hotel Amor is always booked. He then reveals he is taking her to see his mother and she starts panicking as she is not prepared. It cuts to them in a graveyard and she is speechless. She promises to be by Ro-woon’s side and they hold hands.

Meanwhile, every time Sa-rang has an obstacle at her hotel, Won appears to help her out. He makes all kinds of excuses to see her daily and while she enjoys it at first, she worries for him since he looks exhausted. He promises not to drop by every day and instead, ends up applying as a part-timer. She is amused as he keeps giving her a big grin and she hires him. He uses it as a segue to propose to her and she accepts. 

During Grandmother’s birthday, they doll her up and celebrate. She is, of course, sceptical since Won has cooked but tries to hide her excitement as the food is perfect. He uses the moment to ask for her blessing for their marriage and she has tears of joy.

How does King The Land end?

It is Sa-rang and Won’s wedding, and Mi-so is at the entrance when Hwa-ran and Ji-hu arrive. Hwa-ran is stunned silent but Mi-so asks for a hug as Ji-hu wonders if she is his grandmother. Mi-so also says she is proud of Hwa-ran which surprises her. Inside, Gu congratulates Won and they smile as they hug.

The Chairman later tries to ask Mi-so out but she bluntly rejects him. The rest of the Six Siblings arrive with Cho-rong and Chung-jae as Da-eul’s purse holder. Cho-rong gives Ro-woon the pass but instantly rejects Sang-sik as they all laugh. Won and Sa-rang finally arrive and walk down the aisle together as a couple. 

The epilogue takes place before the wedding as they go outfit shopping. Sa-rang keeps rejecting all of Won’s choices as he tries on several tuxedos. While he looks dashing in all, she approves the last one and runs up to him. He tries to kiss her and she breaks the fourth wall as she asks what about the people watching them as she points to the camera. Won simply snaps his fingers and the curtains close as they kiss.

The Episode Review

They really had us in the first half, didn’t they? The way Sa-rang is worried about her career and passion, and all of us including Won are left thinking that she is talking about breaking up with him. Of course, with just one episode left, the writers needed to give us a cliffhanger ending, but this was cruel.

Yes, context is important, but we truly had forgotten just how different this couple is with the way we have been so used to the usual break-up for the sake of plot twist K-drama trope.

Can we also take a second to point out how Won puts his feelings and the proposal on hold as he realises it is not the right time and just listens to Sa-rang and her worries? We K-drama lovers have no idea when we are going to find such a mature couple ever again. He genuinely wants to ease her burdens and understand her. And he is happy when she is happy. No male ego was hurt in this plot twist, that’s for sure. 

King The Land episode 16 also ties up all loose ends to give us a fitting finale. Da-eul finally gives her husband an ultimatum otherwise she will leave him. Sang-sik’s loyalty and friendship are rewarded. And while Won has been showing his gratitude for the last few episodes, it is still touching to see him being affectionate to Sang-sik.

Hwa-ran’s arc hasn’t been too satisfying, though. Her redemption is too swift and superficial. But we guess we can let it slide as Hwa-ran or Gu or anyone was ever truly the big bad baddie; the show just had minor hindrances to balance out the cutesy romance. 

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  1. Even though love Junho, I found some of the episodes slow and not interesting to watch. I was also concerned about some of the inconsistencies. For example,
    Sa Rangs hair went back and forth between bangs and no bangs. It was seamless and looked impossible to pull off. When she was working for the Dream Team why didn’t she tell Won that she would be working for his family? And how did Won know how to fix grandma’s sink? In Thailand they suddenly appear in different outfits on the roof which seemed to be the same night. He was in a white tux and she was in a black evening gown with big diamond earrings. Is this an outfit you bring on vacation? The show was OK but I’ve seen much better.

  2. Missing Junho a lot. Just saw WOK of love..The chemistry between the two is outstanding. He is so charismatic in every drama. And caring ND respectful too. It’s rare to see such elegance in real life. I love Junho , and BTS V, BTS Jungkook, JeecChangWook , nd Cha Eun wo..all very very handsome , considerate and caring.

  3. Best show ever! I enjoyed every minute and anxiously awaited the next episode! Sad to see the end but happy all the same! Five star show

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