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Won’s Restaurant

Episode 8 of King The Land begins with Won visiting Prince Samir while he is getting ready in black robes meant for the royal groom. He tricks him by saying the most honourable man wears white and picks a servant’s garb. Of course, Samir takes it but realises he has been duped when he reaches the ceremony and spots Won in the same black royal robes. Furious, he chases Won.

The ceremony is cut short and Sa-rang asks Won why he did what he did. She thinks he is jealous and he says no as he simply doesn’t like to see her with Samir. She points out that it is jealousy but they bicker and she decides to play along. He also reveals that he won’t mess around anymore as he wants to work hard.

She tries to joke that he must mean exercise but he says it is because he needs power to protect. He keeps staring at her even after they go silent and she asks why. He says love and then covers it by saying he loves everything including the weather. 

Samir interrupts them and is furious with Won. He orders his guards to take away Won who is indignant as huge, burly bodyguards carry him away. The prince goes back to flirting with Sa-rang and even offers to give her a hotel if her work is tough. She says she is not interested in business administration but to serve as it is a special job where she feels happy if she can make someone else happy. He is moved and he decides to throw a party.

Back at the hotel, Won pampers Sa-rang as he gives her slippers, a suite and free room service for working hard. He calls it employee benefits (which we doubt it is) and wishes her goodnight. She, however, goes after him and he stops in anticipation.

It cuts to them at a convenience store at Han River and he wonders why she turned down the free room service for instant noodles. She lets him in on her snacking secrets on how to eat noodles, dumplings and beer for the perfect experience and he is wowed. 

At Da-eul’s, her husband is finally home but he is too busy on his phone to pay attention to his daughter, Cho-rong. He refuses to eat out or take out the trash by pretending to sleep.

Once Da-eul steps out, he switches on the TV. Cho-rong shames him for making Da-eul do everything and while he is surprised, he doesn’t mind. Meanwhile, Da-eul has to share the lift with a well-dressed woman and she feels self-conscious about her stained clothes and trash bag.

The next day, a tired Sa-rang is woken up by Won knocking on her door multiple times to check on her and to delay her checkout time after she reveals her shift starts in the afternoon. However, while she is making him leave, she spots Su-mi heading to her suite. She panics and Won tells her to hide. He messes up his outfit and pretends that he has just woken up as Su-mi knocks on the door.

Turns out there wasn’t any special employee benefit as he just booked the room under his name. Su-mi tries to make his stay comfortable but he curtly turns her away. Sa-rang is relieved but wants to leave in case she is caught. Won tries to stop her but when she refuses he picks her up. She is shocked and covers her mouth as he puts her in bed and leaves. 

It is finally time for the party, more like an intimate dinner as Samir dresses Sa-rang in a gown and has Won in a waiter’s uniform serving them food. He proposes to her with a huge diamond ring and she looks at it longingly. Of course, the person who takes it is Won as he stops the whole thing.

But Sa-rang simply gives back the ring to Samir and gently turns him down as she thanks him for his feelings. She asks an annoyed Won to join them as well and the three end up enjoying the dinner.

Samir departs the next day with his usual flirtation directed towards Sa-rang. He also teases Won before hugging him and calling him his friend. Won acts annoyed but he smiles as well. As the entourage disperses, Won asks Sa-rang if she was actually considering the proposal. She gives a teasing grin and says it is a secret.

As for the King Air squad, Pyeong-hwa hurts herself as she tries to sell and deliver the in-flight purchases while the flight is landing. Ro-woon has to help her home as her back is sprained. Sa-rang has a mischievous glint in her eyes as she hides behind the pain patches while observing Ro-woon and Pyeong-hwa.

But the injury is not enough to deter her as she needs to become a purser to survive. With Soo-hyun hinting at illegal means to raise sales, Pyeong-hwa comes up with a plan. She, Da-eul and Sa-rang head to a public sauna and start selling the in-flight items to unsuspecting ladies.  

King The Land finally confirms that Han Mi-so is Won’s mother. Sang-sik reports that nothing can be found on her. He suggests that the file is missing because she must be a nobody. Won recalls Hwa-ran mocking him that he would become like his mother, forgotten by the world.

He angrily states that no one is a nobody. He decides to fight back and tells his father that he will organise the 100th anniversary event which would have gone to Hwa-ran. She warns him and he says she is the one who forced his hand as she went too far and put an employee in danger. 

He later has a nightmare as Samir stops him from going to Sa-rang while she laughs. He is determined to speak to her and she calls him to the sauna. In the usual loungewear attire, he looks confused but falls in love with the eggs being served there. He is swept up in the trio’s shenanigans as Pyeong-hwa and Da-eul decide to use him as the wingman.

It is a success but Sa-rang is shocked when she realises she is the only one who didn’t know it is illegal to sell in-flight items outside the flight. Won sympathises as it is the company that forced Pyeong-hwa to such extreme lengths.

The next order of business is for Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa to interrogate him on the pretence of playing a video game. They pretend that they will choose Samir as he is inviting them to Dubai. Won is indignant and indirectly agrees that he does indeed like Sa-rang. They tell him to tell her and he is lost in thought. 

He invites Sa-rang to dinner and cooks every dish. She is surprised as he couldn’t even cut onions a while back and he flexes that he is good at everything. Having taken a special course, the dishes are actually pretty delicious. She wonders about the occasion and he says it is to treat her for working hard. He also has something else to say but reserves it for after dinner.

However, their schedule is interrupted as Won’s winning move, firing up the plate shocks Sa-rang, she drops her glass to the floor in shock and the sprinkler goes off. He immediately sets her on the countertop and asks if she is hurt. They laugh at the mess but suddenly lock eyes. They get close and he asks permission to kiss her (we love a consent king). She lifts her head in response and they start making out.

The Episode Review

Looks like it is Sa-rang’s turn to play along with Gu Won as he pretends not to be jealous. Their bickering as she teases him is so fun to watch. You can literally feel his heart stop and you hold your breath too when she calls him out to go to the Han River.

Episode 8 of King The Land did feel a little childish initially, with the whole Won tricking Samir incident, and Sa-rang comically covering her mouth when she is surprised in front of the person who surprises her. But we can forgive it as the show is meant to be over the top and cheesy.

Sure, we feel some second-hand embarrassment but all that flew out of the window with that kiss. We get our very own kiss under the rain with a twist. Gone are the days of idol actors and K-drama actors with their chaste, open-eyed, peck-on-the-lips kiss. If anyone doubted the chemistry between Lee Junho and YoonA, well the kiss seals it from his shivering to her staring at him intently. 

And we hope we are not the only ones who could not recognise Ali from Squid Game in the previous episode. But with Anupam Tripathi’s curls going free for the party scene, he is finally recognisable. Hope he gets more K-dramas where he has a more prominent role as he absolutely stole the show despite the limited screen time, just like he did in Squid Game.

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  1. Best romance story I’ve seen. The actors are perfect and draw me right into the dream. Eac character does a wonderful job. The scenery and experiences are exquisite. I just drool over this show. Cannot cancel it! Season 2 I’m begging you. It brings me much joy and happiness!

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