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Episode 10 of King The Land begins with Gu Won alone in business class, looking lonely. Meanwhile, in the economic class, Sa-rang and Sang-sik are in one row and Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa are behind them. Won shows up and claims his ticket got mixed up with Sang-sik’s and sends him ahead. Won sits with Sa-rang and she reveals that she too missed him as they hold hands.

Having landed in Bangkok, their resort is a quaint little space and while the girls love it, Won is aghast to learn that there are only two rooms, one for the men which he has to share with Sang-sik and one for the ladies. Sang-sik keeps escaping his death glare thanks to the girls who love everything about the itinerary. He tries to push Won in the pool who cleverly sidesteps. But Pyeong-hwa ends up pushing Won in and the group play in the pool. 

The fun is short-lived as Won and Sa-rang’s plan to escape is thwarted by Sang-sik who has every minute planned. He even has group t-shirts made on ‘We Go Hard!’ with each syllable on one tee. Won gets the t-shirt that only has the exclamation mark and keeps getting sent to the back of the group. Sa-rang tries to get close to him but Da-eul keeps reprimanding him whenever he breaks the rule. 

The outing, however, is fun as they end up loving the noodles they have for lunch. Sa-rang tries to feed Won but they suddenly stop as they find the rest looking at them shocked. Their next destination is a night market as they eat the local food and enjoy a busking event. Won’s mood brightens as he and Sa-rang hold hands whenever they can.

Back at King Hotel in Seoul, Su-mi messes it up for the gang by asking Hwa-ran about the incentive’s trip for the best employees of King Group. Hwa-ran has no clue what she is talking about and wonders how the employees of King Air and Alanga have been roped in without her permission.

Night falls and Won has trouble sleeping next to a snoring Sang-sik. Similarly, Sa-rang is stuck between Da-eul and Pyeong-hwa in one bed as they talk in their sleep. Sa-rang and Won text each other and head out. As they tip-toe while keeping an eye on their rooms, they bump into each other. Cue the female lead falling and the male lead catching her in his arms.

But this time they burst out laughing and head to the pool. They crib about Sang-sik and Da-eul being super strict. It changes to Sa-rang sharing she has never been on a trip with friends and Won promises that they’ll often vacation now. He pulls her into the pool and they start making out.

Elsewhere, Mi-na is trying to get a date with Ro-woon who is busy texting Pyeong-hwa and asking about her plans. He tells Mi-na he just made some plans for the next day and she is confused.

Early the next day, the ‘Go Hard’ squad is annoyed to hear a dressed and ready Sang-sik waking them up as they have no time to spare. Da-eul immediately listens to him and the rest grudgingly follow. They head to Wat Arun and while Sa-rang and Won’s arms are folded, they link their fingers. The rest suddenly notice them and Sang-sik and Da-eul scold Won.

He is confused by Da-eul’s behaviour as she knows about him and Sa-rang and asks her about it. She advises him that as a fresher, he should not give his senior aka Department Manager Sang-sik such a hard time and listen to him to get ahead in life. However, the group’s photoshoot at Wat Arun is fun.

Next is a Chao Phraya River cruise and while in line, Won plans to run away with Sa-rang. Everything seems to be going according to plan and at the right moment, Won grabs a hand and starts running. He crashes into the crowd and when he turns to check on Sa-rang, he is shocked to find a confused Sang-sik. Looks like he grabbed the wrong person. With Sa-rang already on the ship, he moodily returns. 

As they are having dinner, Pyeong-hwa is greeted by Ro-woon. Turns out, he has a layover in Bangkok which is why he had asked her about her plans. Won, Sa-rang and Da-eul all smirk while Pyeong-hwa is awkward. Sang-sik simply welcomes him and he gladly joins. After the cruise, Sang-sik takes them to a spot for a group photo. He tricks them as it is a fountain and they all get wet.

They start playing around and it ends with Sa-rang running into Won’s arms. But back at the resort, he is miserable once again as he is trying to sleep but can’t as Ro-woon and Sang-sik are on either side of him in the bed, chatting loudly. They keep teasing him till he switches off the light and starts hitting Sang-sik with a pillow.

In the girls’ room, Cho-rong video calls her mother and hopes Da-eul would also treat herself as all she has bought are toys. Pyeong-hwa and Sa-rang are way ahead of the little girl as they gift Da-eul with Thai souvenirs. It seems that Da-eul is tearing up but she just starts teasing Pyeong-hwa about Ro-woon and Sa-rang joins in.

Ro-woon gets ready early next morning for his flight and is touched to see that Pyeong-hwa has made breakfast for him. Meanwhile, Sa-rang and Won are trying to sneak out but they fail as the rest spot them from afar. However, Sa-rang pulls the ‘annyeonghaseo yeorobun’ meme and runs off with Won.

The couple have a grand time visiting other temples and taking photos where Won is finally smiling genuinely. They have a lavish dinner and Sa-rang is delighted. As they talk, she echoes her previous sentiments of not expecting much as she is worried it can be taken away at any moment. But this time, Won responds positively as he assures her that it is okay to want more and that she deserves it.

It is then his turn to share as he tells her about his family. Hwa-ran is Chairman Gu’s eldest child with his first wife. Won’s mother is Gu’s second wife and one day she suddenly disappeared. While Won cried for her, everyone else kept smiling which traumatised him as he decided that no one is ever genuine with him when they smile till Sa-rang entered his life. She promises to help him look for his mother and he is touched.

They head out for a tuktuk ride and stop at a temple while a huge full moon hangs in the sky. Sa-rang makes a wish while Won stares at her lovingly. They then head to a sky bar and talk about their wishes. He says he didn’t wish for anything but is thankful that he has her. They say that they love each other and kiss.

The Episode Review

More of Ro-woon, please. He makes a fun addition to the ‘Go Hard’ squad. His chit-chatting with Sang-sik, while an annoyed Won lies between them, is hilarious. But why are Sang-sik and Da-eul giving Won and Sa-rang such a hard time if they know something is going on between the two? In the beginning, it is funny as it seems they are teasing the couple. But it starts to get a little annoying later.

And Won has grown so much since the beginning of King The Land when he called Sa-rang fake for saying that she doesn’t have any expectations so that she isn’t let down. This time he understands her fears. And says exactly what she wants to hear. They even say ‘I love you’ to each other in the most romantic setting ever.

But we are already getting so many cute, little domestic Sa-rang and Won moments in episode 10 that it is worrying us. They are getting along so well, we wonder how the writers are going to introduce the typical ‘misunderstanding’ that leads to a breakup in the dreaded episode 11 of a K-drama. 

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  1. Enjoying this drama which is what it’s all about! Taking us away from the daily grind for a couple of hours . It’s light, very romantic, but still touches on the reality of most workers lives. For that it deserves credit. The chemistry is off the wall. But then they know each other pretty well in real life. Both very talented young people. More success to them.

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