King Princess – Hold On Baby | Album Review

Track List

I Hate Myself, I Want To Party
Winter is Hopeful
Little Bother (Feat. Foushee)
For My Friends
Hold on Baby Interlude
Too Bad
Change the Locks
Dotted Lines
Sex Shop
Let Us Die


Evocative lyricism doesn’t barge in here, but it falls into line like flecks of snow. Revealing and candid, Hold On Baby by King Princess, has a story only she can tell, a story brimming in past mistakes and torn love.

The singer/songwriter has made waves in the music industry. And she’s famed for her vivid portrayals and describing the world as a dark place; a cursed land and a broken platform. Her LP also tells that she’s broken herself and that the world weighs heavily on her shoulders.

The singer details through her musings different seasons; the warmth of summer and the ice of winter. And surprisingly, she finds winter a hopeful time. King Princess excels at conveying harsh truths throughout this collection, and while the songs may seem upbeat, there’s an unsettling undercurrent spiking through ready to take hold.

‘I Hate Myself, I Want To Party’ details drunken dirges. There aren’t any rapid instrumentals here, but instead we get subtle, chilled out chimes. King Princess sings softly about life.

‘For My Friends’ shows the range of this gifted songwriter’s voice. She dazzles, and details again, drunken days stuck in a daze. The guitars add stability and the soft percussion evolves.

‘Dotted Lines’ opens with a hard drumbeat, and Princess King seems angry and resentful. Alcohol is a frequent demon, and the lyrics reveal so much.

‘Let Us Die’ though is a real standout here. This is, surprisingly, a swan song of hope. The upbeat instrumentals shudder, and King Princess offers her all.

King Princess knows how to create evocative songs which don’t paper over the cracks. Hold On Baby pinpoints truth, and it’s truthfully a wonderful LP.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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