King Cujo – Lost Inside The Landfill | Album Review

King Cujo – Lost Inside The Landfill

When music like this hits the inner core of emotions, the world seems like a place where hope does exist, where people roam to find their most desirable place and where they can rest their souls and heavy heads. On this release, conjured by experimental rock band King Cujo, the emotions hit the echelons, and they do not dissipate until the record concludes. Though the listener will be left astounded by what they hear, how in-depth the music and lyrics are even after they’ve taken it in.

Rock music has become somewhat pop infused over the years, but on Lost Inside The Landfill, rock goes back to its heyday, where it blasts open new horizons and quivers the spines of those who listen on. Every riff is imaginative, every lyric means the world and these anecdotes spring into life when the music covers every part of the room.

This record is technical beyond the normal lines. The instrumentals are far advanced, escalating at every opportunity and intensifying the atmosphere. Lyrically, the world is assessed and sometimes the words can be volatile, as the band speaks the truth, and their fables are viable as their innermost thoughts are drenched in clarity.

‘Down Here’ starts the record off. A dirty, abrasive riff commands, though the vocals come in with venom. The lyrics are poetic and decisive, and they spell out danger. The riff turns into a technical blast.

‘Bed Of Nails’ opens with a sturdy drumbeat and a well generated guitar riff. Lyrically, the song describes the thick darkness and its heavy influence. Again, the instrumentals astound. ‘In My Vein’ starts with commanding guitar strokes and grooves, and those lyrical moments intelligently weave a thrilling story.

‘Swansong Work To Live’ is a standout, and highlight, and the riff pleases beyond expectation. The band is right here, as some people are on this planet to work themselves to the ground, and the lyric ‘’Because Machines Can’t Fall In Love’ makes sense in this day and age.

King Cujo has developed a sound that is majestic and forward thinking. They’ve created a story which is timely and well worth a listen.


Lost Inside The Landfill drops on February 10th 2023 worldwide!

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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