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One of Killing Eve’s strongest points has always been its accompanying soundtrack. Blending different musical genres seamlessly together into the deliciously twisted sounds of Indie group Unloved, season 3 delivers another really good set of songs to accompany the series. With a season that’s largely been turbulent and full of questionable narrative choices and sporadic bursts of quality, the soundtrack this year certainly hasn’t lost its touch.

Dominated by tracks from Unloved (a band whose name ironically projects the emotions felt by Villanelle this year), this moody, pulsating Alternative group do a great job capturing the mood of the show once more. After winning Best Original Music at the BAFTAs, it was always going to be difficult to raise the bar again to match expectations. While they don’t raise the bar per-se, they do come close to nudging it at times, composing the brilliant “Why Not” which crops up during an opportune time in the series and captures the scene perfectly.

Alongside the various Unloved tracks that show up throughout the 8 episodes are several other genres of music, including American Rock’n’Roll singer Kip Tyler lending “She’s My Witch” and the synth-driven, heady tones of Emerald Web’s “Flight of the Raven” adding an extra dimension to proceedings. The result is something that mirrors the off-kilter feel of this third season and perfectly portrays what’s happening on-screen at the same time.

There’s some classical music here too, most noticeably always playing for Villanelle in the show, but much like the previous soundtracks all these different songs are essentially branches from the stem of the soundtrack that predominantly revolves around Unloved’s moody Indie rock vibes.

The soundtrack and general sound design of the show uses Unloved’s sound to merge these dreamy and dark melodies into the narrative and various character-driven scenes. “Strange Effect” is one such example, serving up the perfect cocktail of uneasy minor-key chords with haunting and relevant lyrics that tease affection growing between Villanelle and Eve. “La La La” by comparison strips everything back and serves up a 7 minute song heavy with string segments and quiet melancholy that reflects what happens during these moments.

If you’re a fan of Indie rock and have enjoyed the various songs that have shown up through Killing Eve over the years then you’re sure to love this soundtrack. The new Unloved tracks fit perfectly into the somewhat disjointed narrative for season 3 and the different songs, including “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John which features exclusively in that Villanelle-centric episode, do well to rekindle those narrative peaks of the show.

While perhaps not quite as strong as some of the previous seasons have been, season 3 of Killing Eve delivers another strong and audibly pleasing soundtrack worth checking out.



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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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