Killing Eve – Season 4 Episode 6 “Oh Goodie I’m The Winner” Recap & Review

Oh Goodie I’m The Winner

Episode 6 of Killing Eve Season 4 begins with Konstantin and Eve arguing over Villanelle. With an arrow in her back, Eve believes she needs to go to the hospital. Pam takes the initiative though and just rips the arrow out right there and then.

Villanelle tells Pam she’s impressed, while Eve contemplates Helene’s motivations. With the room cleared, Eve helps get Villanelle dressed, warning that Helene could well come after her again. There’s a moment between them here, a palpable, sexually charged stare as Eve admits “I thought locking you away would be good for me.”

Their little reunion doesn’t last long though, as Villanelle lashes out against her old enemy/lover and walks away. Interestingly, she’s stopped by a woman who offers her painkillers to help stave off the shooting pain she’s experiencing. Inside the packet happens to be a note, reading ‘H wants you dead, I don’t… Hotel Staatsman, Berlin”, signed off by someone called Gunn.

While the action turns over to Berlin, Konstantin continues to guide Pam, who finds herself conflicted after taking out one of her targets. Konstantin encourages her to open up and let loose.

In Berlin, Carolyn meets with Lars in his cabin following the tip-off. She’s there to offer up a deal. In exchange for telling him who the big assassin is that wants him dead, Carolyn wants to know who ordered Kenny’s death. Lars writes it off as collateral damage but for Carolyn, this is personal.

Carolyn eventually tells Lars that Helene is who she wants, he organizes a meet to catch H off-guard. Lars wants Carolyn to go in his place “to really shock her.” If she does this for him, Lars promises to reveal who killed her son.

So naturally, Helene finds herself face to face with Carolyn. As the pair sit together, Carolyn realizes that she and Helene actually have a lot in common. Helene even has a counter-offer too. She wants the name of Carolyn’s superior in exchange for sparing her life.

When Carolyn feeds this back to Lars, he tells Carolyn that she’s the one who killed Kenny, given her actions led to his eventual demise.

When Carolyn leaves, Eve shows up in Berlin too and, alongside Villanelle, both find Helene. Villanelle eventually plunges a knife into Helene’s neck as Eve is shocked. Villanelle walks away, telling Eve she’s done with her as this season’s antagonist is left lying in a pool of her own blood.

Yusuf rings and reveals to Eve that he’s managed to track down Carolyn’s location, as she heads off on the hunt.

Out in the woods, Eve confronts Carolyn, who urges her to back off, at least for an evening so she can bury the hatchet and get her revenge. Instead, Eve heads into the cabin and shoots Lars. Carolyn despairs, pointing out how they’ll just replace him with another, so it’s hardly the big victory Eve thinks it is. While Lars bleeds out, Eve leaves. When she does, Carolyn takes Lars’ diary and begins sifting through the pages.

The Episode Review

Killing Eve returns as we gear up toward the end of this rather underwhelming fourth season. Characters continue to teleport at lightning quick speed between countries while the whole subplot involving Konstantin building up a new killer in Pam feels redundant this far into the story.

However, seeing the inception to the Twelve and understanding how all of this fits together is a nice touch, especially Carolyn’s mention of how members are just nonchalantly replaced after dying.

Last week’s flashback episode certainly helped with adding more context to all of this, while the show finally starts to deliver some compelling action. With Lars dead and Carolyn still on the hunt, Eve is now the focal point of this show while Villanelle is just sorta…here.

Given Villanelle has been a massive part of this show’s success, the writing around her character has been utterly woeful this year. Hopefully this action-packed episode is a sign of things to come though and the next episode can start to pick things up in a big way.

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