Killing Eve – Season 4 Episode 5 “Don’t Get Attached” Recap & Review

Don’t Get Attached

Episode 5 of Killing Eve Season 4 begins in Berlin 1979. Johan leads a group and discusses the name of a new group, coming up with the name Chaos Club.

As a young woman appears, it’s quickly apparent that this timeline is centering on Carolyn and how she became instrumental in the origins of this group. Carolyn is shacked up with one of the members, Johan, but happens to take a fancy to Karl, who – as we later find out – is actually Konstantin.

We then jump back to the present as we see Carolyn return to Berlin again. In her absence, Villanelle tends to the waitress who bring her food, discussing the violence her husband, Camilo, has been inflicting on her.

Villanelle decides to pay him a visit. Well, more accurately she calls in the fire department, as fireman Camilo arrives and comes in through the window. Villanelle kills the guy courtesy of a firehose, plunging it into his mouth and drowning him. The rush causes her to call out in delight.

Villanelle’s actions have a knock-on effect of causing her to become a saint among these abused women, as they all hear about Villanelle’s ploy and decide to jump onboard and gain her help.

In Margate, Konstantin meets with Pam again but he’s not happy. His smiling and laughs have turned to scowls as it turns out he’s got an ear infection. For now, they’re going to play dress-up as Konstantin continues to take the young woman under his wing and convinces her to act the part of a master assassin.

Meanwhile, Yusev manages to bag Eve a meeting with a professor who happens to be the photographer who took those pictures of Lars in the past. Eve has other plans though and that comes from kidnapping Helene’s daughter; mind games to play with the deadly assassin.

The young girl is taken with Eve though, and unfortunately that gives her Villanelle levels of manipulation to use against Helene. Eventually Helene succumbs to Eve’s wishes and agrees to meet at 8am the following day. Eve does also bag herself some home videos from Carolyn’s time in the past too, which she watches in her hotel room. It’s here she finally catches up with the audience, learning that Carolyn is (or was) part of The Twelve.

Carolyn continues on the hunt to try and find where Johan is and retracing her past steps. Cutting back and forth between the past and present, Killing Eve does a pretty decent job with her storyline. As fate would have it, the past reveals that her boyfriend Karl is actually Konstantin and after killing her father, the pair try to strike up a deal.

Only, Johan rushes in and scuffles with the pair down on the dock, prompting Carolyn and Karl (Konstantin) to work together and kill him.

In the present, Helene and Eve meet up, with the former confirming that she’s found Lars. While they drive there together, Konstantin meets back up with Villanelle who regrets how he originally handled her when she was under his wing.

Villanelle warns that one of his trained assassins will turn on him before long, but for now the pair hug it out like old times. Konstantin hands over a slip of paper with a contact to help her and watches as she walks away. That contact is someone by the name of Gunn who happens to be on Feasgar Island.

When Villanelle leaves the building, Eve is forced to watch as she’s hit with an arrow by someone up on the roof. Eve is irate and begins choking out Helene in the car. Eventually she leaves and tends to Villanelle as Helene watches on.

The Episode Review

So we finally learn more about The Twelve and how they were incepted. The story itself is okay, although the show does struggle to justify some of the plot ideas and the way some of these characters have been handled this year is a bit questionable.

However, the story is starting to move in the right direction and it’s definitely an improvement over the previous chapter. Despite that, Killing Eve continues to struggle capturing the same wacky and unpredictable feel the original seasons had in abundance.

The background into Carolyn’s character is a fascinating way of exploring her in more detail though, and that’s easily the highlight of the whole season so far. Of course, this is helped by the visuals which have been consistently great right the way through.

For now, everything is left wide open for next week’s follow-up chapter.

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  1. Actually, at the start of the episode we see the group in 1979 settle not on the name Chaos Club but instead on the “The 12” – and ironically it is Carolyn who suggests it. It was a nice little added detail I thought.

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