Killing Eve – Season 4 Episode 2 “Don’t Get Eaten” Recap & Review

Don’t Get Eaten

Episode 2 of Killing Eve Season 4 starts in London, with Eve undercover, working with Yusuf and tracking down The Twelve. They’ve managed to find Helene’s whereabouts through using *checks notes* a tampon tracker. She’s in Champ de Mars, Paris.

Meanwhile, Villanelle continues her spiritual journey, finding a butterfly on the bus and marveling at its beauty rather than killing it. The churchgoers are on a big camping trip as it turns out, with tents pitched up and Nelle determined to follow through with her new life.

Villanelle is still seeing her “spiritual guru” (the female bearded Jesus) and eventually she takes time away to see May. Villanelle points out she’s trying to be good now, and tries to make May see that not killing her is a big step, given how integral killing has been to her life.

May isn’t actually deterred with finding out Villanelle is an absolute psychopath and leads her out alone into the woods. She wants to help uncoil her from the pain and anger she’s experiencing. And that includes screaming, spinning around and letting herself go.

After, May confides in Villanelle, calling out Phil for being a hypocrite. Specifically, May divulges that he killed her mum, Mary. He was drink driving at the time and when he crashed the car, he killed Mary in the process. So naturally, Villanelle makes a big scene in front of everyone, calling out Phil for Mary’s death and embarrassing him

However, this doesn’t have its desired effect. Everyone in the group turns on Villanelle for her behaviour and she’s cast out of the group.

In Russia, Carolyn meets with Vlad and hands over the intel she’s collected on a whole group of people – including Hugo. She wants protection for herself and her son, but given she defected originally, it’s not exactly like they’re going to let her in with open arms.

However, Carolyn makes it to the Moscow Safehouse, where she’s forced to wait for her intel to be verified. So naturally, she finds a dead rat in the kitchen cabinet as a warning to her. “A rat for a rat.” Carolyn mutters.

Yusuf and Eve eventually arrive in Paris. With a grocery bag of food, Eve shows up at Helene’s door. She’s been expecting her though, especially as she shows the tampon (in a wrapper.)

Anyway, the pair eventually talk, where Helene admits that she too wants to kill The Twelve. She’s the one who’s behind the grisly murders, killing the members one by one by having other people torture her victims.

Eve wants to know who’s at the top of The Twelve but Helene refuses to tell her until after dessert. Instead, Eve decides to leave when she doesn’t get the information she wants.

Villanelle heads back to the campsite that night, turning away from her “pure” roots, and deciding to kill after all. She murders Phil and then chokes out the Villanelle Jesus in her tent. It’s a symbolic act to show she’s up to old tricks, leaving the door wide open for next week’s follow-up.

The Episode Review

Well that didn’t last long. It seems Villanelle is back up to old tricks and after killing again, she’s on the warpath and presumably going to team up with Eve to find The Twelve. However, can someone explain May’s logic here?

She’s just found out Villanelle is a psychopath so she heads out into the woods alone with her to have a bit of a screaming session. It just feels so odd, especially as Villanelle basically admits to what she’s done and brushes it off as it’s in the past.

The story is moving pretty slowly at the moment though and as I said in the previous episode, this series is almost unrecognizable from where it started several seasons back.

Whether this show is going to elaborate on the Eve and Villanelle ties or just stick to The Twelve storyline going forward remains to be seen. While the drama is okay, this is a far cry from the lofty heights Killing Eve ascended all those seasons ago.

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