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Hoppin’ All Over The World

Killing Eve returns for another pretty good episode but also one that brings with it an abundance of location jumping and illogical time hops. Much like Game Of Thrones Season 8, Killing Eve’s characters move around the world with reckless abandon, with the edits doing the show no favours.

Konstantin in particular jumps between Moscow, Scotland and England in the space of three scenes and this messiness undermines the plot that finally sees Eve dabble in the dark side of her persona.

Episode 7 of season 3 for Killing Eve begins with Villanelle arriving at a museum to speak to Hélène where she shows off her injury. After Elaine calls her a beautiful monster, Villanelle takes a new job which involves killing Dasha.

Konstantin arrives at the Detention Centre in Moscow to see Irina after what happened. Only, the officer tells him she’s lacking in empathy and is disturbed, refusing his bribe and imploring that he take things seriously. After telling Irina he’ll be back in a few days, we then cut to him with Geraldine, where she’s surprised him with dinner plans.

Geraldine eventually sees Konstantin’s true colours and kicks off after telling him he’s playing her, ending things by telling her she hopes he dies.

Eve meanwhile starts going through the bins and talks to Bear and Jimmy about the cake Villanelle sent. Only, as she heads inside she sees the place has been raided. Together, Eve and Bear work to decipher the next clue which leads Eve up to Aberdeen, and in particular Castle Stuart.

Villanelle and Dasha happen to already be there though and things get pretty heated in the elevator as Dasha admits to having a son. In the morning they play golf together, with Dasha taunting her and admitting Villanelle has lost her edge. Coercing Dasha into killing a loud American golfer, when it comes down to it Villanelle smacks Dasha instead.

The golf player scrambles away and finds Eve in her taxi revealing exactly what happened. Eve hurries there while Villanelle leaves after being picked up by Konstantin. Finding a wounded Dasha on the ground, Eve presses down hard on her chest as darkness starts to grow in her.  There’s a wonderful shot here of Eve’s face that says more than dialogue and it’s easily one of the highlights of the series. Police sirens stop her finishing the job and Eve scurries away in search of Villanelle.

Konstantin has a heart attack at the train station just as Eve arrives in hot pursuit. Villanelle happens to be on the train departing the station though, leaving Eve to stare her down.

Back home, Carolyn receives a call from Hugh informing her that Mo has been killed. Earlier in the episode we see that he was followed by The Twelve’s newest agent, Rhian so we’re left to assume she killed him. Geraldine calls her Mother an emotional iceberg before she snaps and lashes out, smashing vases on the ground and walking away.

We then cut to Liverpool Station where Eve receives a call from Villanelle telling her they need to stop running into each other, which is where the episode ends.

It’s pretty obvious now that Killing Eve is gearing things up for the next season rather than wrapping things up with a neat bow at the end. While the story surrounding The Twelve and Villanelle’s wavering faith in the program, being unable to kill as effectively as she once could, is an interesting take the execution has been somewhat underwhelming.

The biggest problem here comes from the jumps between countries. From one scene to the next, characters inexplicably teleport between areas with an inconsistent amount of expository text sometimes informing us this is the case and other times not.

Take Konstantin for example. He begins in Moscow with Irina and when we cut back to him he’s in the same house as Geraldine. At this point we’re left to wonder if this is in London or still in Russia. With no establishing shot or text, it’s a bit of a messy edit. It’s only cleared up later on when we see Villanelle berating him for taking ages to pick her up, hinting that he’s driven all the way to Aberdeen from London.

The problem with this Game Of Thrones Season 8 level of warping is that it discredits the story and takes you completely out of what’s going on – there’s a reason Villanelle’s solitary chapter in Moscow is the strongest of this season so far. The story is still entertaining though and the dark humour running through this is easily Killing Eve’s strongest element. Whether it be the tiny chair or Eve forced to listen to a taxi driver ramble on, the show continues to deliver the comedic chops.

The finale is up next though and right now, anything could happen. One thing’s for sure – we’re almost certainly not going to get a resolution to this story.


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