Killing Eve – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Push and Pull

Following Kenny’s shocking death last episode, Killing Eve returns to show our characters struggling to deal with the ramifications of this as Eve continues on her path toward coming face to face with Villanelle once more. With lots of cleverly written jokes and lots of promise for the future, Killing Eve is really starting to settle into its role now as season 3 gets underway.

Episode 2 of Killing Eve begins at Kenny’s wake as Konstanin arrives and speaks to Eve, who believes Kenny was murdered. Although Konstantin doesn’t believe her, Eve meanwhile asks some of Kenny’s colleagues who worked with him at the Bitter Pill about Kenny’s work. Among them is Jamie Hayward, Kenny’s boss, who she refuses to speak to.

Geraldine and Konstantin bond over their past while a drunk Eve refuses to speak to Carolyn and leaves. Back at MI6 she heads into work but Roger talks to her gently, telling Carolyn she shouldn’t be coming back to work so soon.

Forced to leave, Carolyn instead visits Eve while she’s working in the kitchen. Carolyn admits that Kenny didn’t take his own life but Eve refuses to work with her, especially after what happened in Rome. As a last resort, Carolyn shows Eve the pictures of Villanelle’s victim and warns that she’s back and working again.

In Barcelona, Villanelle gets cosy in her new home. This lavish mansion is exactly what she wants and as she heads out with Dasha to lunch, they talk about Eve and her work last episode. This inevitably leads her on to the next job, which involves guiding an agent called Felix. Given management is on the road to becoming Keeper, Villanelle’s reluctance soon paves way for acceptance as she heads out.

Villanelle arrives in France where she meets Felix, a young 19 year old. They start their job together and disguise themselves as clowns at a party. She tasks Felix with killing his target but unfortunately his inexperience proves troublesome and it forces Villanelle to head in and kill both Felix and his target. “Management sucks,” She mutters before walking away.

Meanwhile, an unknown number phones Kenny’s phone while Eve tries to crack it. A text comes through from Jamie asking Eve to bring the phone in so they can handle this together. Reluctantly she agrees to head in to the Bitter Pill and after striking a deal, the group set to work piecing together what happened, potentially linked to an office romance with Audrey.

Carolyn finally allows herself to grieve for Kenny, sitting in her car and opening up to Mo. She mentions how she’s unable to investigate and solve his murder given it’s her son. Back home she’s looking the worse for wear, just as Eve heads over and talks to her about Kenny’s phone. She tells Carolyn she needs to get the thumb drive that the police have but as she mentions this, the camera pans over to the London Bus fridge magnet – the one Konstantin picked up last episode – and it turns out he’s been listening the whole time.

Villanelle heads home and finds Konstantin waiting for her, who admits that Eve is still alive. As he leaves the house, she giggles incredulously.

With a return of the familiar dark humour and some really good dialogue throughout, Killing Eve returns for another solid episode. Quite how Villanelle and Eve will react to one another when they eventually do come face to face remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – there’s some serious bad blood between the two. 

So far season 3 has done well to keep things consistent and one specific shot of Eve’s split reflection inside the kitchen perfectly captures the inner turmoil and conflict she’s currently experiencing. Quite how much longer this “call to action” act will continue remains to be seen but for now, Killing Eve feels like it’s channeling its energy before an explosive set of episodes to come.

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