Killing Eve – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Killing Eve Season 2 has been good. Really good. It’s tightly woven plot line has been a big improvement over the first and the growing bond between Villanelle and Eve has been fascinating to watch, driven by excellent performances from actresses.

We begin with Villanelle sitting down having lunch with Aaron. He asks her why she befriended Amber, quizzing her over quite what her game is. She nonchalantly replies that she likes money and is a collector. Striking a chord with him, Aaron asks her to go to Rome with him and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Eve tries to hide her stress as she realizes the operation is all on her. While Villanelle pays a visit to Niko and Gemma, Kenny warns Eve away from the case, telling her she’s getting too involved. With the wellbeing of Niko and Gemma still unknown (until the final scene of the episode that is), we skip forward to see Villanelle packing up for Rome. Constantin pleads with her not to kill Aaron, proceeding to confiscate razor wire from her bags before the trip.

In Rome, the operation begins and Villanelle sees firsthand Aaron’s manipulative, controlling behaviour. From being forced to sit perfectly still to wearing specifc outfits, she plays along, keeping a cool head the whole time. After a work-related dinner leads to Aaron spilling secrets about the two other men, he tells Villanelle (disguised as Billy) that he can’t find any information about her online.

As the night draws to a close, Villanelle retreats to her room before convincing Eve to let her hair down and have some fun, knowing she’s listening on the ear-piece. Eve does just that too, engaging in sex with her colleague.

In the morning, he thanks her for the threesome, knowing Villanelle was on the earpiece, and we cut to the final reveal where we find out what’s happened to Niko and Gemma.

Following the past few explosive episodes, Killing Eve does well to keep the plot ticking over but doesn’t have much in the way of stand-out moment. Of course, the acting is solid as ever, with the episode itself doing well to keep things interesting, ready for next week’s episode. Quite what direction the show is likely to take next is anyone’s guess but I’d imagine the volatile relationship between Eve and Villanelle may well explode, and that’ll pose a very intriguing notion for the finale.


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