Killing Eve – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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I have to admit, I wasn’t sold on the first season of Killing Eve. I thought the story careered off track a little and the early humour gave way to a darker drama which, while interesting, also opened the show up to some glaring plot issues. However, Killing Eve has really stepped up a gear this time around and it’s certainly been one of the bigger surprises of the year for me.

We return this week with Niko confronting Eve over her stabbing Villanelle in Paris. They have a pretty aggressive bout of sex before Niko leaves, unable to deal with Eve in her current state.

At work, Eve is shown more evidence against Aaron but in order to get close to him, she has to call on Villanelle’s help once again. After an acting masterclass where Jodie Comer runs through numerous different accents and ideas, the girls are briefed by Carolyn. A man then arrives with a briefcase full of gadgets which prompts them to get to work with their operation – Eve listening from afar while Villanelle dons her new persona, a girl called Billie, in order to grow closer to Aaron’s sister, Amber.

The operation begins with Villanelle visiting an AA meeting, where she weaves a story of half truths, using parts of her own experience with Eve. The group initially don’t buy her story but the second time she’s more truthful which does help her grow closer to Amber. Unfortunately, one of her advisors tells Villanelle to stay away leading to her hugging the woman in the street, eyeing Eve the whole time. As the two lock eyes, she throws the woman under a bus.

While Niko and Gemma grow closer, Eve sinks further into the darkness. A particularly intense confrontation at Gemma’s house proves as much before we head back to the operation.

Here we see Villanelle managing to gain Amber’s trust, enough to have her over for dinner with Aaron. Commenting on her numerous questions, he begins to grow suspicious. He challenges Villanelle over her degree in philosophical studies but unfortunately Villanelle can’t answer the questions thanks to her earlier action of eating the ear-piece. The conversation soon turns nasty leading Villanelle to slap Aaron across the face with a book. With his nose a bloody mess, Villanelle leaves.

With Eve and Villanelle seemingly on the same page, a fair few theories seem to be floating around the internet that Carolyn is grooming Eve to be an assassin, just like Villanelle. It’s certainly an intriguing idea and the longer this season goes on, the more I can see this theory coming to fruition. It certainly poses a very interesting question going forward but one thing’s for sure – when these two actresses share the spotlight great things happen and I hope it’s a trend that continues through to the end of the season.


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