Killing Eve – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Au Revoir Paris

Despite its critical acclaim and worldwide success, I wasn’t sold on the first season of Killing Eve. Much like other promising BBC dramas, it begun brightly but soon fizzled out before the end with a lacklustre and underwhelming finale. Green-lit for a second season, the much-anticipated Killing Eve returns for another slice of cat and mouse drama.

We begin right after the events of the first season. 30 seconds to be precise. Beside herself with shock after stabbing Villanelle, Eve stumbles down the stairs, evading the police and hurrying back to headquarters in England following instructions from Carolyn on the phone. Convinced she’s killed Villanelle, Eve tries her best to ease back into normality but begins exhibiting signs of PTSD. Sitting in the bath as her phone continuously rings, Eve eventually answers the call only to find out it’s a glass salesman who she listens to for comfort before zoning out.

Meanwhile, Villanelle is not dead. Infact, she’s very much alive and clutching her stomach in pain, she manages to escape the building and find some alcohol to disinfect her wound. Seizing her opportunity, she jumps infront of a taxi which leads to her being taken to hospital for treatment.

Getting back to her devious ways, Villanelle concocts a plan to escape, leading to one shocking fatality and a whole load of missing supplies. While Villanelle stows aboard a car heading back to England from Calais, Eve manages to compose herself long enough to go and visit Carolyn. She’s tasked with a new assignment after passing a test inside a morgue. As the episode closes out, an interesting set of contrasting shots of both Eve and Villanelle leave the episode, and the story, hanging in the balance.

For the most part, Killing Eve gets off to a good start, managing to juggle the comedy and dark drama just as well as it did at the start of the previous season. Of course, it’s far too early to tell whether this one will go the same way with its plot the second time around but for now, the second season gets off to a great start in this thoroughly enjoyable episode.


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