Kill Boksoon Ending Explained – Why does everyone want to kill Boksoon?

Kill Boksoon Plot Summary

The super-snappy Kill Boksoon meshes anti-hero action with an overlay of parental guilt. Perfectly balanced, it’s fast-moving fun in a well-rounded story with some truly creative cinematography to ensure you catch all the crucial moments.

The story brings home a mother’s plight – trying to set a good example, even when her career choice is pretty questionable. Balancing single motherhood with guiding a 15-year-old plus maintaining her number 1 spot as an assassin, Boksoon has one tough day after another.

And her days get rougher as she ponders getting out of the business whilst everyone she considers a comrade is suddenly out to kill her. Sometimes it sucks to be the best.

What is MK Ents?

MK Entertainment is the cover name for the assassin agency. Notice how they talk about ‘shows’ and ‘rolling’ – seems like it would be helpful should anyone have a wire or tapped phones. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of corporate-insider lingo?

Why does Jae-young stab Cheol-woo?

In order to force her into dating him (for bragging rights), Cheol-woo threatens to reveal Jae-young’s sexuality and her romantic relationship with best friend, So-ra. Call it a crime of passion.

Why do Boksoon’s drinking pals turn on her?

MK’s Director Cha offers to admit anyone into number 1 agency MK who can get rid of an employee who threw a show. They know she means Boksoon. Once the frenzy starts, its every man or woman for themselves in the most dance-like of battles. Do not blink; the choreography, comedy and Boksoon’s smile of joy are worth catching.

Why does Young-ji team up with Boksoon?

Young-ji teams up with Boksoon because Boksoon seemed like she had the best moves, but in reality, Young-ji made her mind up before then. Boksoon is her idol and even though she hasn’t explicitly said she’d help Young-ji, Young-ji has good reason to believe she has the best chance of a future with her.

Why does Boksoon kill Hee-sung?

Even though they have an intimate relationship and are colleagues, now that Hee-sung has been given the go-ahead to kill her, can she ever trust him again? Plus, with the Director’s call, only one of them can make it out alive – it’s a show that one must lose.

Why does CEO Cha try to kill Boksoon?

Having survived the battle with her friends, Boksoon has caused a political crisis within the industry. The companies they work for will receive a report and know who killed them all. Making MK Ents responsible for the loss of their employees without reason. As CEO Cha says, it’s about pride.

Why does Boksoon cry?

Reality bites hard as she must re-enter the real world. She killed her lover, can’t escape her industry, has made a frenemy of a long-time friend and must go home to her crying daughter, herself covered in blood.

What’s with all the attacks with CEO Cha?

With her greatest opponent, Boksoon must assess hundreds of potential moves to figure out the route to survival. Every imagining that results in her death can’t be the right answer.

Did Jae-young watch the battle?

Though it’s inconclusive, it’s fair to assume she probably did. In so doing, she would have gained a better understanding of her mother and having just received acceptance from her only family, perhaps in this she returns the favor. Yet in a way it doesn’t matter, because the two have bridged their relationship.

Jae-young leaving the door open is more than just airing a stuffy room – it’s a metaphor for opening the door between mother and daughter.

What’s that ending scene at school?

Jae-young proves she’s no pushover and certainly her mother’s daughter. And after everything, maybe that isn’t so bad.


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  1. Hi Sandra from Australia,

    I couldn’t agree more – there’s a lot of great international content to be enjoyed. Let us know if there’s something else you’d like to see reviewed 🙂

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  2. This is brilliant. Boksoon is a complex character, andvI love the portrayal of her raising her child while working full time. As a mother who did that, I fully connected with Boksoon.

    I can see a real good opportunity a very interesting and powerful prequel in the brief bio shown in opening sequence.

    This would be an excellent franchise, particularly with careful and realistic dubbing into other languages like English, Spanish and French.

    I prefer to listen to the beautiful Korean language, Hanguel, while speed-reading English subtitles. I am trying to learn Korean!

    However, dubbing will increase an international audience.

    Like Squid Game, and all the Korean dramas and movies we love, the International audience is a market hungry for excellent Korean shows.

    I am Australian abd speak only Engish. I have watched nearly every Korean show on our Netflix. I now subscribe to Viki to get new shows. I cannot watch American movies or dramas anymore because they are inferior in every way to Korean ones.

    Australia produces great dramas and movies, but our industry is tiny.

    I got into K-Drama during the Covid lockdown and I am now addicted!

    Please make more stories of Gil Boksoon. She is too good.


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