Kill (2024) Ending Explained: What happens to Tulika? Does Amrit kill the bandits?

Kill Plot Summary

Amrit, a National Security Guard (NSG) Black Cat Commando, visits his girlfriend Tulika in Ranchi where her parents force her to get engaged to someone against her will. Amrit asks Tulika to flee with him but she refuses. Tulika tells Amrit that she will try to talk to her parents about him so they can eventually get married.

The next day, Amrit and his friend – Viresh leave to go back to base camp in Delhi. Tulika tells them that she and her family are taking the train to Delhi so Amrit and Viresh take the same train with them. Meanwhile, Fani, a local bandit gets on the train with the men in his family to steal from them. Fani spots Tulika and is attracted to her instantly.

Fani and his bandit friends steal money and valuables from the people in the compartment that Tulika and her family are in. He ends up killing Virat, Tulika’s family bodyguard and decides to hold Tulika’s father hostage as he is an influential businessman. Amrit and Viresh learn about this and use their skills to kill the bandits on the train.

What happens to Tulika on the train?

Fani realises that Tulika is Amrit’s lover. Since Viresh killed Fani’s uncle, he made the commandos pay by killing Tulika and pushing her off the running train. Amrit sees his lover being killed and loses his mind. Instead of just injuring the bandits, he starts killing them brutally. Fani’s father, Beni, learns about the death of his brother. Beni halts the train from outside and gets on it to save Fani and the rest of his family members.

Viresh is badly injured in the fight with the bandits. Amrit realises that Tulika’s sister – Ahana is still in the compartment that Fani and the bandits were in. Amrit asks Viresh, who is badly injured to stay behind. He hopes that Viresh and Tulika’s family can protect each other if need be as he goes to look for Ahana.

Does Ahana survive?

Tulika’s father – Baldev and Viresh start a fire in the train, hoping that someone catches wind of it to alert the authorities on the train. The policemen on the train learn about the fire and inspect the compartments. They find the compartment that Tulika’s family and Viresh are hiding in and learn about the bandit attack.

At the same time, Beni asks Fani and the youngsters to stop the train and get off to save their lives. Beni decides to use the hostages, including Ahana as leverage to get off the train. The cops try to shoot Fani and the bandits which makes him realise that his father is in danger. Fani gets back on the train and tries to stop Amrit.

Meanwhile, Amrit is severely injured but manages to kill a bunch of more bandits. He makes his way back to the compartment that Viresh is in. Ahana safely makes it back to her parents and is shocked to learn that her sister Tulika has died.

What happens to Viresh?

Fani makes it to the compartment where Ahana is with Tulika’s family and attacks the cops, killing them instantly. Amrit tries to kill the remaining bandits and watches through the compartment divider as Fani kills Viresh as well. Amrit is shattered to see Viresh die right in front of his eyes.

Amrit gets even more aggressive and goes back to the compartment to kill Beni. He stuffs Beni’s face with a bottle of kerosene and lights him on fire, burning his head. Fani sees his father die right in front of his eyes and tries to attack Amrit.

How does Kill end?

Fani clashes with Amrit and injures him severely. Amrit musters up the strength to kill Fani and finishes him off. The film ends with the train finally stopping at the station for the first time and the army personnel show up to help the passengers on the train.

Amrit gets out of the train and sits on a bench at the station, still thinking about Tulika’s death.


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