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Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Epsiode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Who wins the fight between Gunji and Takayama?

Episode 12 of Kengan Ashura season 2 begins as the Guardians and Kure’s men face off against each other. Gunji Kito challenges them to fight and Takayama accepts the challenge. Gunji uses a sword in battle. Meanwhile, Adam takes down multiple guardians, but their numbers are endless. Cosmo tries to convince Suekichi to take him back, but just then, they are faced by Long Min along with his Liuyedao.

Cosmo realizes something isn’t right and prepares to engage in combat despite his injuries. He continues to dodge Long Min’s blade and attempts to catch it. Meanwhile, Takayama grabs the sword by the blade and kicks it out of Gunji’s hands, leaving him injured. In a swift move, he strikes Gunji to the ground and stomps his face in. 

When does Ohma regain consciousness?

Back at Ohma’s hospital room, Hauro opens the door and collapses right in front of them as Ranjo stabs him down. However, Ranjo advises Mr. Yamashita to take Ohma and run before they get to them. Just then, Ohma regains consciousness and sits up. Yamashita quickly explains the predicament, but Ranko realizes it’s easier to kill Yamashita and only get Ohma out of there.

Ranjo attempts to stab Yamashita, but Ohma grabs the blade mid-attack and breaks it. Ohma closes the distance but doesn’t throw a punch, giving Ranjo an opportunity to run away. Yamashita notices Ohma’s reflexes haven’t blurred due to the long period of rest. Ranjo attempts to subdue Ohma and achieve his goals and uses Life Advance. However, Ohma knocks him out with one attack.

How does Ohma earn Niko’s respect?

The flashback resumes as Ohma continues the same routine of getting beaten up and rising up again. Ohma’s spirit is crushed, but he realizes the reason for the weights Niko had put on him. He finally manages to land a devastating blow the next day. 

Seeing Ohma’s progress Niko deems him ready to receive the secret training and orders Ohma to remove his weights off as he removes his. Ohma realizes Niko’s weights are much heavier, but he feels his body is lighter and easier to maneuver. He feels more aware and connected with his surroundings.

They begin to exchange blows, and Ohma realizes his heightened abilities in every aspect. Ohma senses that Niko is about to use Iron Breaker, and the scene instantly shifts to the current time, where Ohma uses it to knock Ranjo out cold.

How does Hayami’s coup fail?

Just then, Mr. Hayami threatens them that he will set off the detonator. He presses the detonator multiple times, but the explosives do not detonate. Hassard leans over his shoulder to inform him that he, along with the Sirius Band, found and deactivated all the explosives.

Mr. Hayami looks angrily at Metsudo but is informed that Hideki Nogi hired these people. Hassard informs him that Nogi rescued him when he fell into the sea, which is why he helped Nogi. Metsudo makes him realize that his downfall is a result of a rug-pull by the people he looks down upon.

Mr. Hayami becomes a laughing stock of irony and also a lesson for snide people like him. Mr. Long Min gets a call realizing Hayami’s plan has failed and quits the fight against Cosmo. 

Mr. Yamashita notices that Ohma’s movement and senses are much sharper than usual. The flashback cuts to Ohma learning to use the Demon Slaughterer move on Niko.

Fang stops Seishu from killing the members of the Guardian as that’s what they were ordered. Takeshi also manages to defeat all the Guardians that had surrounded him.

What is the real intention of the coup?

The same night, Metsudo and Erio watch over the crowd as they celebrate the end of the second round, but Erio and Metsudo discuss the real intent of the coup. They speculate that the coup was only a distraction as the Bugs were trying to get hold of Ohma.

Yoshiro encourages them to broadcast what they have been through, and the others question Director Katahara’s ability to cover things up. They recognize that the downfall of Mr. Hayami isn’t good for the Japanese economy.

Nogi approaches Ohma and gets questioned about how much he knows. Nogi plays dumb, but Ohma claims he will find out after winning the final three matches. Kaede also realizes something different about Ohma. Mr. Yamashita stops Ohma from strolling out and informs him that the corporation is withdrawing, but Ohma shrugs it off. Heading out, Ohma pukes out blood and hopes he will be able to pull through the final three matches.

The Episode Review

This episode marks the end of season 2 of Kengan Ashura. Ohma finally makes a return and initially looks sharper than ever. That is, until the end, when he pukes out blood and prays he makes it through the last three rounds. 

There is a stark contrast between the two depictions of Ohma’s physical condition and it is difficult to picture how the two can coexist. Ohma is yet to fight 3 entire matches to claim victory and fighting in the current state is unimaginable.

Episode 12 of Kengan Ashura season 2 also wraps up the coup d’état attempted by Mr. Hayami. Despite the coup being wrapped up quickly, it seems to be a means of achieving something bigger. Mr. Kure and Mr. Metsudo discuss the suspected intent being to take Ohma. Ranjo’s words only confirm that he is involved in something bigger, something we can hope to find in the next season of the anime.

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