Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review


Episode 9 of Kengan Ashura season 2 begins with the audience chanting Fang. Sakaya introduces Kanoh and his glorious achievements as he makes his entry into the arena. Just then Kaolan enters the arena without an introduction, leaving everyone puzzled. Sayaka begins Kaolan’s introduction instantly as it is his first time fighting in the Kengan Annihilation tournament.

Metsudo has a word with Lord Raruma the 13th and they bet on the outcome of the match. They begin to overconfidently trash-talk each other. Lord Raruma bets a fortune on Kaolan’s victory over Kanoh.

The match begins with both Kaolan and Kanoh taking the same stance of flicker jab versus flicker jab, Hitman versus Hitman. The two go at it with their fists as Kanoh opens with a flurry of quick jabs. Kaolan effortlessly dodges the punches. Kaolan throws punches of his own, and Kanoh dodges them as well. Takeshi realizes that Kaolan is at a disadvantage given his shorter arm length.

The two go toe to toe in the boxing match as both unleash a barrage of attacks on each other while dodging the other’s jabs. None of their jabs connect. Just then, Kaolan deliberately attacks Kanoh’s arm, but Kanoh retaliates by knocking his wrist and going for a counter to end Kaolan. Kaolan tactfully parries the jab and gets into proximity to unleash a lethal punch directly onto Kanoh’s nose, causing him to bleed out and quiver.

Kaolan unleashes a barrage of punches, pushing back Kanoh to a great extent. This causes Kanoh to reflect on his fighting style, and he ends up turning to parry the damage. He changes his stance and his style of fighting. He unleashes a series of punches on Kaolan, but Kaolan blocks the attacks and manages to tactfully strike back. Strangely, despite switching stances, Kanoh sticks to boxing as all his other techniques have been sealed.

Lord Raruma taunts Metsudo about his choice. Kanoh attempts to throw a roundhouse kick, but it is countered by Kaolan who shifts location to land a blow. Kanoh’s temper begins to overtake him, but he is forced to helplessly take punches. 

Suddenly, he uses his wrist to lift and slam Kaolan to the ground. He begins to move in an odd motion as he lets his body lose. The technique is related to Systema, a Russian military martial art that focuses on using flexible movements starting from a relaxed stance. Kanoh maneuvers around Kaolan’s punches to land devastating blows.

Kanoh grips Kaolan and lands few but strong strikes. Kaolan adapts to this new style by incorporating head-butting into his arsenal of attacks. Kanoh challenges Kaolan to use Muay Thai against him. Kaolan begins to tap into his potential and turn the tables on Kanoh once again.

The Episode Review

Episode 9 of Kengan Ashura season 2 begins the last fight of round 2 between Kaolan and Kanoh Agito (The Fang of Metsudo). The fight is energy-packed and begins instantaneously, with both fighters adopting the flicker jab boxing stance. 

Kaolan starts on a better footing as he specializes in boxing, making it challenging for Kanoh to adapt. Kaolan has the upper hand and lands a few dangerous blows but Kanoh adapts and changes styles.

This, however, isn’t too useful as Kaolan is a very quick and nimble fighter and manages to sneak in several strikes. Things do seem to be getting better for Kanoh, but his health seems to be declining from the damage taken from Kaolan.   

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