Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Kengan Ashura season 2 begins with the introduction of Yohei Bando, who was presumed to be dead after his last match in the tournament. Hanafusa shrieks in fear as he sees that Bando is still alive and has survived the virus he had affected Bando with. He begins to speculate about what led to his survival and suspects Furumi Pharma of having a hand in this.

Dazai confronts Mr. Furumi about his acceptance of the offer to treat Bando. Mr. Furumi simply claims his company is a pharmaceutical company, and it is his duty to help people in need of it.

A flashback plays of Sen proclaiming his diplomatic inner tactics to Takeshi. Hearing this, Takeshi questions Sen’s inconsistency, but realizes it means Sen swings through extremes, opening the possibility of highly skilled combat. He recalls the only two fighters who made him surrender, Sen and The Fang.

The match begins with a diplomatic talk from Sen. He charges in and watches Bando lift his arm up. He stops and changes strategy and begins to move around swiftly around Bando. Eventually, Bando unleashes a slam. As the dust settles it is revealed that Sen sticks his fingers into Bando’s eye while dodging a severe blow from Bando.

Bando then goes ahead to reveal that Sen wasn’t successful in damaging his eye, instead only the eyelid. Bando unleashes a barrage of attacks and the ground near Sen appears to be exploding repeatedly. They realize Bando’s arms are unusually stretched out.

Sen realizes that Bando’s victims did not have any defensive wounds which is highly unlikely as he used to attack head-on. However, he always attacked his victims head-on and had bandages on both his shoulders. Sen comes to the conclusion he needs to watch out for Bando’s hands.

Multiple other fighters also realize the stretching of his arms as they analyze the situation. Bando realizes Sen was only trying to figure out his reach by the swift movements at the start of the match. Just then Bando uses a twisted strike landing on Sen’s head. Sen however reduces the impact by relaxing his body into the force of it to parry the attack.

The barrage of attacks continues as Bando tries to attack Sen. Everyone in the audience is clueless and assumes the explosions in the ground are tricks. The fight continues regardless. In combat, Sen attempts to grab Bando’s arm and twist it. But Bando grabs him by his vest and attempts to strangle him. Sen is quick enough to escape Bando’s grip.

Having clarity of Bando’s strategy, Sen begins to charge in. He takes a punch straight to the gut, but this results in Bando’s forearm bone snapping. Sen quickly pins Bando to the ground, but instead of pinning him down by his joints, Sen goes for the bone and snaps it into two. Bando uses his flexibility and attempts to punch Sen, but Sen grabs his arm and begins to pound his face with fists. He swings Bando through the air and slams him into the ground head-first.

It appears as if Bando has broken his head and isn’t alive. But just then his body topples over and he pops his head out, revealing he has retracted it through the spine. Hando confesses that he has taken a lot of hits and won’t be able to move for a while. Sen shows mercy and doesn’t kill Bando despite being offered the opportunity.

Sen questions him about why he held off on using the arm attack in the first round. Bando explains the toll it takes on the muscles to constantly dislocate the arms. They end the match with honor and mutual respect. Back in the executive’s room, Sen assures Nogi that he will become the next director of the association.

Kazuo stands beside Ohma’s body as he lies unconscious claiming the Yamashita Corporation is going to withdraw from the competition.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of Kengan Ashura season 2 exclusively focuses on the fight between Sen and Bando. The fight sequence is very straightforward with not much variation, but that is a result of Sen’s precise strategy and Bando’s limited abilities. Unlike the previous fight, this one isn’t interrupted by several interruptions and flashbacks.

The episode however makes up for it by laying an undertone towards the end of the episode. This is manifested in the final conversation between Bando and Sen. The best part of the episode is Sen’s personality. They begin by characterizing him as very laidback and a happy-go-lucky personality. However, he is extremely talented and skilled to make up for it. In fact, his attitude is what allows him to perform under pressure.

The episode ends with an intriguing scene where Kazuo stands beside Ohma’s body as he lies unconscious. 

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