Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Kengan Ashura season 2 begins with the narration of Kiryu’s tragic story and his pursuit of his God who saved him from the organ black market moments before he could be dissected. Kiryu kills his father and lover before setting out to find Ohma. Unfortunately, when he finds Ohma, he is being trained by Niko, which tarnishes the image of the ideal god in his mind. He seeks training from Genzan before murdering him as well.

The fight between Kiryu and Kuroki continues as Kiryu relentlessly tries to strike Kuroki with Rakshasa’s Palm. Kuroki realizes Kiryu’s complex fighting style using a combination of Rakshasa’s Palm with his foot along with Blink while fighting in the Niko style. Kuroki acknowledges Kiryu’s skill but realizes it has all come at the expense of his sanity.

Just then Kiryu attempts to use Rakshasa’s Palm to significantly increase speed and momentum but Kuroki uses his caution and skill to avoid attacks and land lethal blows in exchanges. Kuroki stabs through Kiryu’s palm and Kiryu grabs the same fingers and snaps them. Kiryu uses Rakshasa’s Palm to crack the ground, causing Kuroki to slip. However, Kuroki manages to stab Kiryu in the chest and solar plexus.

In a barrage of attacks, Kiryu manages to land a Rakshasa’s Palm on Kuroki’s shoulder. Kuroki then grabs Kiryu’s arm mid-action and stabs him deep through the chest. Kanoh concludes that Kiryu had become complacent about Kuroki’s injured arm, creating an opening for Kuroki to strike. Just then, Kiryu decides to use the actual Rakshasa’s Palm from a close distance, but Kuroki is fast enough to block and unleashes a flurry of attacks on Kiryu.

He uses the devil’s lance to pierce through Kiryu’s chest. Back in the medical unit, Kiryu regains consciousness. He expresses how close he has gotten to Shion and Matsuda and reminds them of what he did to his master and lover, who were the only close people to him. Lihito praises Kuroki asking him about the training style and for training advice. Kuroki questions him about why Kiryu survived the stab.

Lihito explains that Kiryu used Rakshasa’s Palm on himself to momentarily change the location of the heart and avoid fatality. Kuroki appreciates Lihito and advises him to keep watching the matches to learn more. He explains to Lihito that his training was intense enough to minimize the pain of his broken fingers and that his shoulder had taken the hit from his damaged palm of Kiryu.

A conversation begins between Nogi and Sen. Nogi reflects on Ohma’s condition and puts Sen on the task of fighting in the next match. He also expresses his concerns about Sen’s inconsistency. He tells Sen about Bando who was supposed to be fighting but lost his life in the previous match. They discuss that Mr. Yamashita’s fighter is unfortunately not in fighting shape, so they decide to resort to their last option, Sen.

Mr. Yamashita sits beside Ohma’s bed hoping he will wake up but realizes he is being selfish.

The day of battle arrives, and Sayaka introduces Sen, along with his inconsistent and laidback attitude and his killer Aikido fighting style. The arena skips a beat when she reveals the opponent. Yohei Bando, who was expected to be dead, is miraculously still alive.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Kengan Ashura season 2 revolves around the match of 2 polar opposites when it comes to personalities. Kiryu is the one with extreme psychotic tendencies as opposed to Kuroki’s highly disciplined domineer. The clash of personalities is almost like missing fire and ice. The Devil’s Lance emerges victorious over Rakshasa’s Palm.

The anime is known for being moderately realistic, however, this seems to be shifting over the duration of this season. It’s not necessarily a negative as it still adheres to most principles of Biomechanics.

The episode ends with another interesting fight being announced as Sen takes on Bando, the fighter who was presumed to be dead. 

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