Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

An Old Friend

Episode 6 of Kengan Ashura Season 2 opens with Hayami’s guardians questioning him about his decisions as another one of his fighters bites the dust. They take a look at their fighters and realize they have only one more pawn left to be played. Long Min assures Gunji that everything is fine and that at the end of the tournament, they themselves will win.

Mr. Yoshitake and Mr. Ohya are taking a walk during the interval, but run into Hayami’s Guardians. Setsuna Kiryu walks into the arena with self-talk of desperation to face Ohma. Sayaka announces the matchup and introduces Kiryu and the fangirls cheer from the audience. She then goes on to introduce the Master of Killer Kenpo, named Kensaid Kuroki.

Right before the battle begins, Kuroki questions Kiryu about his use of the Solitary Shadow Style. He goes on to proclaim that the technique was invented by his friend, who was murdered by one of his students, and questions Kiryu if he was the one who murdered him. Kiryu dodges the question, and the match begins.

Kuroki begins with the Cat stance. Kiryu instantly resorts to using the technique Blink to disappear and attack Kuroki periodically. Being familiar with the style, Kuroki manages to easily deflect all the attacks. The narrator explains the heritage of the Blink technique and explains how Kuroki is able to predict every single one of them.

The scene shifts to a flashback of Kuroki having a discussion with Genzan on the history of the Shadow Style. He expresses that most of the followers of the technique died right after the war, and very few lived to carry them forward, causing it to fade away. He informs him that the current techniques might not do much to Yoshitake, but he is working on adding new techniques to face him, and he also informs him about the kid he has taken under his wings.

Just then, Kiryu charges in with the Rakshasha’s palm to attack and causes a cut in Kuroki’s arm. Kuroki realizes how fatal it can be if he doesn’t dodge it appropriately. Just then Tyson realizes that Kuroki had placed down a pivot foot and simply used his right foot to circle and defend without stepping out of the circle.

Kuroki uses his rock-solid defence to counter several strikes and proceeds to grab Kiryu and swing him over. Right before Kuroki can send the punch, Kiryu uses the same arm to swing Kuroki away. The commentators realize this move is one from the Niko style.

Kuroki realizes a change in style while Kiryu attacks him with several kicks and punches, but he somehow manages to dodge them. Kiryu displays a psychotic expression as he sees a flashback of Ohma with a blade during his childhood days.

A flashback rolls in, displaying 11-year-old Kiryu being held hostage in a black market organ smuggling ring. The narrator explains that Kiryu was only born because his father had transplanted organs that could fail. His father paid a prostitute a large sum of money to be a surrogate and gave him the right to use his organs if necessary.

Having had his mother killed and the harsh conditions of his life, he firmly believed he deserved to die. The day came when he had to be dissected for his organs, but Ohma stepped in between and killed the oppressors with a dagger. The scene switches back to the current time, and Kiryu begins the use of Niko-style footwork and many other techniques.

A flashback rolls in showing how Ohma had coincidently rescued Kiryu in conflict with the organization giving him the place of God in Kiryu’s eyes. After running away from the place Kiryu kills his wildly rich father and takes off with the money. Later he goes on to find Ohma. Unfortunately, he sees Ohma being trained and bossed around by Niko. This conflicts with his views of Ohma being his god and swears to destroy Niko.

Following that, he decides to seek training from Genzan. After taking a beating from Genzan, he is offered the opportunity to train under him if he is able to prove himself. Kiryu watches Genzan and leans to mimic the blink technique within minutes, just by tracing his footsteps. Genzan agrees to train him, and years later, after mastering the techniques, Kiryu kills him.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 of Kengan Ashura Season 2 revolves around the match between Kiryu and Kuroki. During the episode, the narrative taps into Kiryu’s past as it explains one of the most psychotic and intriguing characters of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. The action leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering intense action between the competitors.

Both characters are strongly built. Kiryu has an extensive and traumatic past to back up his psychotic tendencies. He is also highly characterized by the lethality of his techniques. At the same time, Kuroki has been given a rock-solid, unwavering personality. He manages to fend off several attacks by Kiryu without even lifting a foot.

When it comes to formidable fighters of two different styles fighting it is usually not a fight between two fighters, it is rather a competition between the two fighting styles trying to prove themselves more effective.

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