Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Recap


Episode 1 of Kengan Ashura Season 2 begins with the announcement of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament in all its glory, with snippets from the first season.

Ohma and Yamashita celebrate their victory against Raian, but Ohma reminds him it is only the second round. Just then, Ms. Akiyama joins them and brings up the meeting with the head of the Kure family. She also insists on Ohma meeting with the doctor and scolds him to take his life more seriously.

Just then, Lihito walks in and begins flirting with her. Karla also jumps in and clings to Ohma, congratulating him and persuading him to marry her. Ohma shrugs it off and walks away.

The scene shifts to Kiryu as he shudders while overlooking the arena and fantasizes and romanticizes the idea of Ohma’s strength, painting him to be an almost omnipotent God. He cribs over losing Ohma to Niko and his craze for Ohma only gets stronger by the minute.

Yamashita lay on the table at the bar, drunk. Moments later, Ohma pukes and falls to the ground with a thud. We see a flashback of childhood: Ohma standing with a knife against a bunch of mafias as Niko walks in to defend him. Niko unleashes a blizzard of strikes, neutralizing the threats. 

He explains to Ohma that violence is bad, but only violence can stop violence. He explains the concept of inner tactics and encourages Ohma to find his. In a fit of rage, Ohma opposes everything told to him by Niko, but there is a change of voice, and present-day Ohma agrees with everything being said but still insists on pushing a little further.

The scene cuts to Ohma lying in the emergency room as the doctor explains Ohma’s abilities to control his heart and convert it into energy. He also explains the toll Life Advancement takes on the human body. On inquiry, the doctor says the only way away from threat is to quit fighting.

Meanwhile, Kiryu enjoys the food at the restaurant. Kiryu overhears 2 gentlemen talking about Ohma’s formidable fighting style and moves to their table to hear them reconsider Cosmo and hire a reserve fighter instead.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yanagi, President Ronald and President Yoshitake discuss the politics of the organization. In the meanwhile, Rino and Tomari scroll through the remaining contenders of the tournament. They then begin trash-talking each other’s fighters. 

Metsudo teases Kure about losing to the Yamashita Corporation. Kure expresses his disappointment, as even his granddaughter is infatuated with Ohma. They talk about how the Japanese economy was built by men like them after World War II, but Mr. Hayami swears Toyo Electric Power Company will take over the economy. 

The time arrives for the tournament to continue, and it begins with the introduction of Takeshi, the 40-year-old from a wealthy family, specifying his size and muscle density right from birth. They label the condition Superman Syndrome.

Just then, Mr. Hayami warns Julius about Takeshi, but Julius confidently tells him there will be no problem. Mr. Hayama analyzes Julius, the specimen of science and the pinnacle of German medicine, bragging about his speed, weight, skin durability, and superhuman strength.

Takeshi and Julius make their entry into the arena and square up for battle. Mr. Yamashita encourages Ms. Akiyama to go watch the match on his behalf to pick up the opponent’s strategies for future matches.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Kengan Ashura season 2 picks off from Ohma’s battle against Raian with emphasis given to the effects of Ohma’s overexertion. It seems like an attempt is made to display Ohma’s declining health from the very start of the episode, but is overshadowed by Ohma’s general nonchalant and stoic attitude.

The episode also features snippets of a political discussion among the executives, but no back story has been displayed yet. As of now there doesn’t seem any need for the political aspect, but could escalate into becoming a factor in some big decisions in the future.

Speaking about big decisions, this episode unfortunately doesn’t entail any matches, but right at the end, the anchor introduces Takeshi and Julius as they get ready to face off in the next episode. 


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