Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Rebel Flag

Episode 11 of Kengan Ashura season 2 begins by recalling Mr. Hayami’s achievements as he played an integral role in redeveloping Japan after the war. It stresses his importance in the underworld and expresses his feelings of envy of his rivals, giving more meaning to the coup. 

Hassard appears out of nowhere to kick down Metsudo’s men. Mr. Hayami gives the executives an offer to join him at the new Kengan association or perish in the dome explosion.

The event in the arena continues. Meanwhile, Adam, Cosmo, and Kaneda are passing through the corridors, and the Guardians surround them in large numbers. Adam engages in a fight against the armed guards and creates an opening for Kaneda to push Cosmo out of the wheelchair.

The Guardians surround all the fighters in their respective rooms. Mr. Hayami threatens to detonate the bombs planted and kill everyone standing there. The guardians also close in on the medical facility with many injured fighters, including Ohma.

The scene cuts to one of Ohma’s memories. Young Ohma picks a fight with the strongest man in the locality. The fight begins with Ohma getting taken down and guarding himself from a ground and pound. He throws the opponent off him, gets back up, and breaks glass bottles on the ground.

Ohma continues to fight and fakes a takedown only to go right for a hook to the opponent’s face, rendering him unconscious and disfigured. After victory, Niko emerges from the shadows and appreciates Ohma’s efforts, but also points out his flaws. 

He suggests they talk about it at home, but Ohma insists he can still fight. Upon reaching home, Niko corrects Ohma on his mistakes. He also agrees that Ohma has a lot of learning to do and only knowing the fundamentals doesn’t help in a real-world battle.

The next day, Niko takes Ohma into a dense jungle. Niko tells him that his friend lost his life the last time they were training together in the forest. Omha underestimates the challenges despite having 40 kg of weight attached to his limbs. 

Niko then informs him that the training is fighting him and proceeds to land a devastating punch to his guts. He then proceeds to provoke Ohma and land multiple devastating strikes. By the end of the day, Ohma is severely beaten up, leaving him lifeless on the ground. In that battered condition, Ohma decides to find food and get some rest in the middle of the forest but is unexpectedly beaten down by Niko before finally letting him rest.

The next day of training goes even worse than the first because Ohma was held back from the injuries of the first day. That night, Ohma eats a centipede out of starvation to keep him alive.

On the third day, Ohma is much faster as his body adapts to the situation. He is able to strike faster and more precisely but doesn’t manage to break past Niko’s guard. He even manages to grab Niko’s arm and flip him using Flow Control Form Willow. However, Ohma isn’t able to deal any real damage to Niko until the seventh day.

The scene cuts to the present time as Mr. Yamashita hears a loud thud outside. The guardians shove Haruo against the door, which causes a thud. Mr. Hayami confirms over the phone that they have control over all the fighters present. The board members retaliate against Mr. Hayami and do not agree to comply.

Erio Kure begins to laugh as he is already aware of the coup and calls in 100 fighters from his family through the glass ceiling.

The Episode Review

Episode 11 of Kengan Ashura season 2 focuses on two prime aspects of the storyline as they run parallel. It is a sigh of relief as we get to see Ohma fight, but this is only a memory of the time he fought Niko in the forest after years of training under him. Ohma gets severely injured in the fight, but things seem to be getting better for him as the day progresses. This might be the buildup to reviving Ohma before he makes his appearance in the next round.

Alongside, we also have the coup d’état carried out by Mr. Hayami to butcher the system and claim control over the Kengan Association. The subplot has been building up since the beginning of Season 2. This episode introduces Hassard, a formidable fighter and will be interesting to see where he takes his place in the storyline. 

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