Kengan Ashura – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Life and Death

Episode 10 of Kengan Ashura season 2 continues the match between the Fang and Kaolan. Kaolan begins using Muay Thai in his fight against the Fang and relentlessly unleashes a series of jabs and kicks against the Fang, pushing him back. 

The narrator shares some perspective on Muay Thai explaining the importance of elbowing and various types of kicks in the combat sport. Kaolan however prophecies the importance of punches to the sport. He also reveals Kaolan’s brief boxing training period.

Kaolan uses his kicks and punches to brutally overpower the Fang, but Fang shows the power of his resilience and takes pride in his ability to adapt. He steps on Kaolan’s foot to land a few hits, but Kaolan breaks free from the attack. Saw Paing recalls Kaolan’s words and watches him stay consistent with his position. Sekibayashi realizes Kaolan is attempting to take out Fang’s hands and legs in battle.

Just then Fang is visibly hurt and drops his guard hand. Kaolan swoops in to take advantage of this, but Fang sees an opening and uses Ohma’s Indestructible Technique to deliver a power punch to Kaolan’s jaw. Kaolan strikes back with a power punch of his own. Both fighters show severe signs of wear and tear.

The final exchange of blows begins. Kaolan lands a massive strike on the Fang’s guard, followed by one on his elbow. The strike to the elbow causes Kaolan’s knuckles to develop fractures. Kaolan takes one more punch to the face but strikes back with one of his own. He reads Fang’s next move and proceeds with a punch to counter, but Fang has different plans.

Fang slips under the punch to grab Kaolan by his waist and throw him several feet away. This causes Kaolan to fall to the ground and Fang follows it up with a kick to his chin knocking him out cold. Fang walks away victorious, but disappointed as he couldn’t win in a striking match.

Fang returns to the room and belittles himself for the way he won. He expects more from himself. Metsudo explains to Lord Raruma that Fang still doesn’t consider it a victory as he had to use more than his fighting skill to win the match which he considered cowardice. Lord Raruma sends Metsudo the money for the bet and the two get along.

Later, while talking to Suekichi, he realizes that Fang had the opportunity to kill him as he had a lot of time from when he dropped to when the ref could stop the match. He learns that there is a 1 in 3 chance that the Fang will spare his opponent as he had kept attacking 6 of his 9 opponents. He learns that 4 of the opponents died and 2 of them ended up retiring. Saw appreciates Kaolan’s progress and it restores his will to fight.

Hideki Nogi reviews the winners of the fights and the remaining fighters. Mr. Yamashita talks about withdrawing from the tournament as Ohma is in no shape to fight. He expresses his concern for Ohma to Hajime. Hajime informs him about the consequences of his actions.

Later that day, everyone involved in the tournament engages in a party set when an announcement is made. They announce a schedule change and request everyone to move to the main hall. Just as the executives assemble in the main hall, they are surrounded by Hayami’s private army.

He brings in the directors of the Kengan Association, held down by the guards. Just then, Metsudo along with Lord Raruma and Erio Kure enters and questions Hayami’s actions. Hayami confirms he is carrying out a coup d’etat. Metsudo’s bodyguard approaches Hayami with a knife out but is instantly struck down by The Arabian Cyclone.

The Episode Review

Episode 10 of Kengan Ashura season 2 focuses on the fight between Kanoh and Kaolan and finally brings it to an end. The fight takes us through several ups and downs while the tide shifts in favor of Kanoh as he adapts. Despite being a very skilled and nimble fighter, Kaolan’s body seems to be a lot more fragile compared to Kanoh. The number of hits each fighter has taken makes the difference obvious.

The chapter ends with an attempted coup d’etat. The hints we were given throughout the season now make sense as Mr. Hayami and his private army of Guardians hold all the executives hostage and demand their support in the formation of the new Kengan association. At first, it seemed unimportant, but with the episodes, the significance seems to be growing.

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