K-Drama Viewer Ratings (6th June – 12th June)

Welcome to another week of K-drama content! We are now halfway through the year, and for the warm weather is starting to roll in now. Here are last week’s ratings:

Weekly Viewership Ratings

Monday 6th June Network Rating
Woori The Virgin – ep 9 SBS 3.1%
Bloody Heart – ep 11 KBS 6.1%
Link: Eat, Love, Kill – ep 1 TVN 3.1%


Tuesday 7th June Network Rating
Bloody Heart – ep 12 KBS 7.3%
Woori The Virgin – ep 10 SBS 3.5%
Link: Eat, Love, Kill – ep 2 TVN 3.1%=


Wednesday 8th June Network Rating
Eve – ep 3 TVN 3.0%
Love All Play – ep 15 KBS 0.9%
Insider – ep 1 JTBC 2.6%


Thursday 9th June Network Rating
Eve – ep 4 TVN 3.0%
Love All Play – ep 16 KBS 1.3%
Insider – ep 2 JTBC 3.3%


Friday 10th June Network Rating
Doctor Lawyer – ep 3 MBC 6.5%
Shooting Stars – ep 15 TVN 1.3% =
Why Her? – ep 3 SBS 8.4%


Saturday 11th June Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 21 KBS 21.7%
Doctor Lawyer – ep 4 MBC 4.9%
Our Blues – ep 19 TVN and Netflix 12.1%
Why Her? – ep 4 SBS 10.1%
Showtime Begins! – ep 15 MBC  3.2%  
Shooting Stars – ep 16 TVN 1.5%
Cleaning Up – ep 3 JTBC 2.3%


Sunday 12th June Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 22 KBS 24.0%
Our Blues – ep 20 (finale) TVN and Netflix 14.6%
Cleaning Up – ep 4 TVN 2.6%
Showtimes Begins! – ep 16 MBC 4.2%


We are currently covering the following:

Our Blues
Shooting Stars
Why Her?
Woori The Virgin


Our Thoughts:

Happy Monday, K-drama viewers! Another week rolls round and another week of dramas starting and ending.. This is always an interesting time of year, with the hot weather drawing more people outside and shows airing now doing so during the “off-season” of TV.

Despite that, we’ve seen pretty decent ratings for Insider so far, which is shaping up to be an intriguing prison thriller, which is an interesting concept as it goes up against fellow revenge thriller Eve, also airing on the same day.

Our Blues finishes its run this week too with quite the dramatic finale, which you can actually read here as we break down everything that happened. There’s a whole array of Disney K-dramas here too, which is definitely affecting the ratings. This could be some of the reason Why Her? is doing so well with its 10.1% rating on Saturday. This is definitely shaping up to be the dark horse of K-Dramas at the moment.

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