K-Drama Viewer Ratings (18th – 25th April)

Welcome to another week of crazy K-drama content. Whether it be ghostly possessions and pregnancy reveals (Love ft. Marriage and Divorce) or the pursuit of purpose and happiness (My Liberation Notes), the K calendar is really starting to heat up. There’s something for everyone at the moment, although it’s fair to say the weekend is absolutely chock full of shows. Let’s dive in.

Weekly Viewership Ratings

Monday 18th of April
Military Prosecutor Doberman – ep13 TVN 8.2%
Crazy Love – ep13 KBS 3.8%


Tuesday 19th of April
Military Prosecutor Doberman – ep 14 TVN 8.8%
Crazy Love – ep14 KBS 4.4%


Wednesday 20th of April
Kill Heel – ep 13 TVN 3.6%
Green Mother’s Club – ep 5 JTBC and Netflix 2.5%
Love All Play – ep 1 KBS 1.9%


Thursday 21st of April
Kill Heel – ep 14 TVN 4.7%
Green Mother’s Club – ep 6 JTBC and Netflix 3.7%
Love All Play – ep 2 KBS 1.8%


Friday 22nd of April
Again My Life – ep 5 SBS 9.7%
Tomorrow – ep 7 MBC 3.6%
Shooting Stars – ep 1 TVN 1.6% 


Saturday 23rd of April
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 7 KBS 22.2%
The King of Tears, Lee Bang-Won – ep 29 KBS 10.2%
Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3 – ep 13 TV Chosun and Netflix 8.9%
Again My Life – ep 6 SBS 8.5%
Our Blues – ep 5 TVN and Netflix 7.1%
Tomorrow – ep 8 MBC and Netflix 3.0%
My Liberation Notes – ep 5 JTBC and Netflix 2.8%
Showtime Begins! – ep 1 MBC 2.8%  
Shooting Stars – ep 2 TVN 1.8%


Sunday 24th of April
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 8 KBS 24.4%
The King of Tears, Lee Bang-Won – ep 30 KBS 11.3%
Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3 – ep 14 TV Chosun and Netflix 7.5%
Our Blues – ep 6 TVN and Netflix 7.7%
My Liberation Notes – ep 6 JTBC and Netflix 3.8%
Showtimes Begins! – ep 2 MBC 3.6%
A Superior Day – ep 7 OCN 0.8%

We are currently covering the following:

Green Mother’s Club
Military Prosecutor Doberman
Again My Life
Our Blues
Love (ft Marriage and Divorce)
My Liberation  Notes

Our Thoughts:

Poor OCN, A Superior Day is bringing up the rear in terms of ratings over the weekend with 0.8%, although that is an improvement from their last drama Black Hole, which managed to achieve a shocking 0.0% rating on its final week.

Most surprisingly, perhaps, is just how low the ratings for My Liberation Notes are. Now, it could well be because the weekend is saturated with releases. We could see some movement in that respect, especially with Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) airing its final episode this coming Sunday.

Another show ending this week is Crazy Love, which will be replaced by Bloody Heart in June.

Kill Heel also ends its mid-week run and will be replaced by The Killer’s Shopping List.

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What do you make of the ratings this week? Is there anything that’s surprised you? What shows are you currently watching at the moment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Does this rating capture the Netflix viewers outside of Korea? 3.8% for My Liberation Notes is surprisingly low.

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