Kaleidoscope – “Red” Recap & Review


Coming in hot after the heist, the red episode of Kaleidoscope sees us arrive at the morning after the heist. Leo is driving a boat with the rest of the crew, where it seems the heist was a complete mess. Stan sports a gunshot wound on his ear while the mood is somber. They weren’t successful in escaping but as Leo himself mentions “no one can point out the moment it all fell apart.”

There’s devastation across the city as we cut back to moments after the failed heist following this boat opening. The storm has ripped through the city, while Leo soon learns that they have a rat in their operation. Now, for those who watched the earlier episodes we know exactly who this is. Judy tries to work out who it is, while Stan shows up in an Uber, angry to learn that Leo doesn’t have the Bonds as promised.

Roger and Hannah show up at SLS, having seen them on the feeds and knowing they’re close. They try to deduce exactly what’s happened, with bees inside and the vault itself completely submerged in water.

The FBI show not long after, led by Nazan who’s still on the case. Nazan points out she has a mole and knows the vault has been broken into and demands that they be let down and see the safe. Roger shows and manages to talk them around until they get a warrant but it’s clear they’re not done with this yet. Stefan ringing Roger doesn’t help, as he looks warily and eventually tells him the bonds are fine.

The thing is, the bonds aren’t inside the safe and even worse, Stan has actually left his glasses at the bottom next to the vault, which are found and subsequently checked at the lab for DNA. Naturally, Roger traces this back to the guy who did his eye exam, and then his car. It’s only a matter of time before they’re found out.

Roger’s assassin, Carlos, shows up at Stan’s place and immediately shoots up his family when he learns Stan’s not there. He continues on the hunt.

Meanwhile, Ava shows up with the bonds at Leo’s headquarters, but she’s been shot in the shoulder. RJ and Bob are both gone, with Ava claiming Bob is dead. However, as they fight, one of the boxes is knocked over and it shows coloured cards inside.

Naturally, no one is prepared to trust anyone, as it seems someone has taken off with the real Bonds. All of this inevitably leads to a big stand-off. Carlos arrives, breaking everything up, and shooting Stan in the ear.

Carlos realizes the rest of the bonds are gone, with Judy managing to entice them into the office where Leo lies in wait and shoots Carlos dead. With the SLS goons dispatched, the group head onboard the speedboat and race away.

Meanwhile, the FBI shows up to see Roger with a warrant. They have a right to search everything, including the private vaults. He obliges and shows them downstairs where the vault is no longer submerged and everything seems to be in order.

The safe is empty, with Roger claiming they’e moved it to keep their assets safe, while Roger’s “private vault” is kept shut. Inside happens to be a whole load of water… and something else hanging up. Quite what though, remains a mystery until the White episode!

The Episode Review

So we finally see the events that have taken place after the heist, and it appears the whole thing was a complete bust. I’m sure we’re going to come back to this and figure out exactly what really happened that day but for now, it remains another mystery firmly shut.

The episode itself is pretty good although the story doesn’t offer anything new that we haven’t seen before in the heist genre. The idea of mixing around the episodes and watching in any order is a good one though, but the narrative here really needed to be tightened up.

Much like the flashback chapter before it, this is definitely one of the strongest this season.



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